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Best Buy Presents Fleetwood Mac: Tour '97 - Various Artists

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Best Buy Presents Fleetwood Mac: Tour '97 (1997) - Various Artists

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(David) Ryan Adams, Michael Anderson, Fiona Apple, Big Blue Hearts, Paul Brindley, Jonatha Brooke, Meredith Brooks, Jackson Browne, Lindsey Buckingham, Lindsey Buckingham, Lindsey Buckingham, Buckingham Nicks, Kevin Cadogan, Caitlin Cary, Paula Cole, Sheryl Crow, Kacy Crowley, David Fisher, Mick Fleetwood, Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac, David Gavurin, Peter Green, Patrick Hannan, Brad Hargreaves, Ben Harper, Stephan/Stephen (Douglas) Jenkins, Danny Kirwan, Jonny Lang, Christine McVie, John McVie, Christine McVie, John McVie, Donovan Michaels, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Nicks, Jeff Rice, Arion Salazar, Boz (William Royce) Scaggs, Ron Sexsmith, Chris Sharrock, Jeremy Spencer, Steve Terry, The Sundays, Third Eye Blind, Karl Wallinger, Phil Wandscher, Harriet Wheeler, Whiskeytown, World Party, Paul Zarich

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Disc One:
GypsyLyrics availableFan interpretation available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1997-06-00, Running Time: 4:26
TwistedLyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available
  Date Performance: 1996, Running Time: 4:13
  Comments: Performed by Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham (as listed on the back of the CD. Listed inside "Twister" soundtrack CD booklet as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham) Lindsey Buckingham appears courtesy of Reprise Records.
Steal Your Heart AwayLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:18
  Comments: by Lindsey Buckingham (Original Mix)
The Smile I Live ForLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1984, Running Time: 5:05
One More Time With FeelingLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 4:56
Rattlesnake ShakeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1970-04-09, Running Time: 7:39
  Comments: From Radio 1 “In Concert”. Recorded at the Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London. First broadcast April 19, 1970 (P) 1970 BBC
Stevie Nicks Interview
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:09
Lindsey Buckingham Interview
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 6:31
Christine McVie Interview
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 7:17
John McVie Interview
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 6:22
Mick Fleetwood Interview
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 8:45

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Disc Two:
16 Days
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:55
  Comments: by Whiskeytown. Courtesy of: Outpost Records. Whiskeytown plays stripped down rock 'n' roll with a traditional country edge.. Singer/guitarist Ryan Adams' literate lyrics and punk roots combine with guitarist/singer Phil Wandscher's Keith Richards-inspired licks to create a volatile brew. Soaring above their dynamic give-and-take is the fiddle of Caitlin Cary, who also contributes vocals to the mix. Ryan, Phil and Caitlin are original Whiskeytown members; Jeff Rice (bass) and Steve Terry (drums) are recent additions. The band formed in Raleigh, N.C. in October, 1994. Strangers Almanac, Whiskeytown's second full-length album, is an extended meditation on loss, with Ryan's tales of bygone love taking both raucous and tender turns. It will take you a lot less than "16 Days" to fall in love with the sound that is Whiskeytown! Discography: Strangers Almanac, Faithless Street.
Running On EmptyLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 4:58
  Comments: From the 1977 Asylum Records LP "Running On Empty"
  Date Performance: 1996, Running Time: 4:51
  Comments: by Sheryl Crow. Courtesy of: A&M Records, Inc. Sheryl Crow burst onto the music scene with her debut album, Saturday (Tuesday?) Night Music Club. With her self-titled sophomore effort, she proves that she's got the goods. On Sheryl Crow, she's written the songs, produced the recording sessions, played a lot of the instruments, and sings about what's been passing across her field of vision during the last few years - subjects ranging from the crossdresser at her local coffee shop to the carnage in Bosnia. She does it with the assurance of a veteran musician and songwriter, and the Unvarnished emotions of a gal from Missouri who's grateful to her success but isn't about to let it shadow what she wants or how she'll say it. The result isn't always happy or smooth or simple to decipher. But it's Sheryl Crow's record. And it's emphatically real. Discography: Saturday (Tuesday?) Night Music Club, Sheryl Crow.
She's The One
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:12
  Comments: by World Party. Courtesy of: The Enclave and Virgin Records. After a four-year absence, Karl Wallinger and World Party return to the musical forefront with the new album, Egyptology. Having recently toured the U.S. and appeared on the new PBS series, "Sessions at West 54th Street," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," on VH1 and other media outlets, World Party follow up their hits single "Call Me Up" with the beautiful ballad, "She's the One"." Destined to stand the test of time, "She's the One" is the featured song in the new Janeane Garofalo/Denis Leary movie, "The Matchmaker," which is scheduled for release this fall. Love songs don't get any better than this! Come join the World Party and enjoy. Discography: Private Revolution, Goodbye Jumbo, Thank You World, Egyptology.
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:06
  Comments: by The Sundays. Courtesy of: DGC/Geffen Records, Inc. British band the Sundays are one of those rare groups which achieved immediate popularity and press acclaim. When guitarist/songwriter David Gavurin and singer/songwriter Harriet Wheeler moved to London from Bristol in 1988, they teamed up with bassist Paul Brindley and drummer Patrick Hannan to form the Sundays. The buzz over the band started with their very first show and they quickly were signed to do their first album, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, which was released in 1990. Happily, it went gold in the U.S. and U.K. They followed up with Blind in 1992, another gold record in America. In the hiatus since then, Gavurin and Wheeler had their first child and put together their own recording studio, at which the Sundays wrote and recorded their new release, Static & Silence. Checke out "Cry" and see what the Sundays are all about. Discography: Reading Writing and Arithmetic, Blind, Static & Silence.
Pale September
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 5:50
  Comments: by Fiona Apple. Courtesy of: Work Records. In a voice that transcends space and time, Fiona Apple delivers the lyric, "slow like honey, heavy with mood." Lean yet powerful, the phrase "heavy with mood" embodies the very essence of Apple's debut album, Tidal. This young diva takes listeners on an intense journey through a world of love, loss, scorn, and sorrow in a manner as much painterly as it is poetic. Tidal is a rarity; a first effort which finds an artist posessed from the onset with a singular and indelible vision. Apple's music haunts as it inspires, disclosing the subtle nuances of deep, complex emotion. Above all, this is soul music, moving and candid. Produced with extreme sensitivity and imagination by Andrew Slater (The Wallflowers), the album is a perfect balance of spontaneity, mood and intensity. Tidal heralds the arrival of a songwriter/musician/singer whose promise seems destined to pay off in music of the timeless kind. Discography: Tidal.
Strawberry Blonde
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:40
  Comments: by Ron Sexsmith. Courtesy of: Interscope Records. There is a fragile and tender beauty implicit in the curiously compelling songs of Canadian Ron Sexsmith. His voice is cracked but true, aching yet certain. The music is subtle and sensitively crafted. The more you listen, the more you hear. The more you play it, the more you like it. Simple as that. "...proof that human hearts still beat beneath the increasingly dehumanized facade of the music business." - Musician "This sophomore effort is every bit as beguiling as Sexsmith's luminous '95 debut." - Entertainment Weekly "There are enough highlights in this splendid, 14-song package to fill a healthy percentage of the selections on any 'best of' 1997 singer-songwriter showcase you could put together." - Los Angeles Times. Discography: Ron Sexsmith, Other Songs.
Story Of My Life
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:08
  Comments: by Big Blue Hearts. Courtesy of: Geffen Records. Big Blue Hearts singer David Fisher's insinuating croon - restrained, weary, intimately familiar with heartbreak - is the certerpiece of Big Blue Hearts, the San Francisco band's self-titled debut album. It rises above the Hearts' deceptively soothing three-part harmonies, smolders amid the tasteful, twangy guitar, and snakes around the early-rock-era rhythms, powerfully complementing the quartet's straight-ahead, melodic rock 'n' roll. Bassist Michael Anderson says, "We play simple love songs. They have a timeless, classic quality," while drummer Paul Zarich observes, "There's a dark side to our music. It's a cool dark, though, not a depressing dark. It's a darkness that's intriguing, kind of haunting and mysterious." The album captures both the band's moody side and their live energy. Sit back and sink into "Story of My Life" from Big Blue Hearts; it's an auspicious debut. Discography: Big Blue Hearts.
Love Letters
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:47
  Comments: by Boz Scaggs. Courtesy of: Virgin Records. "I've wanted to do this rhythm and blues album for a long time," says Boz Scaggs about his new Virgin Record release, Come On Home. "I grew on this music, and this record is a tribute to some of my heroes, some of the great R&B singers, songwriters, and musicians." It includes 14 classic rhythm and blues cuts -- shuffles, laments, love songs, and rockers. Come On Home stands assuredly alongside the best records of this multi-talented singer's career, as much a tribute to a rich musical tradition as a testament to Boz Scaggs' place within that tradition. "Love Letters," originally recorded by Ketty Lester, was introduced to Scaggs when Steeley Dan's Walter Becker suggested it for inclusion on the Rock and Roll Soul Revue (a show organized by Donald Fagen in 1992 which included Scaggs in the stellar line-up). "I tried out a Solomon Burke approach to the song," Scaggs says, "slowing it down, singing it very deliberately. I found the lyrics very touching, very poignant." Undoubtedly, so will you. Discography: Boz Scaggs, Moments, Boz Scaggs & Band, My Time, Silk Degrees, Down Two, Then Left, Middle Man, Hits!, Some Change, Slow Dancer, Other Roads, Come On Home.
Missing Your Love
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:54
  Comments: Mixed at House Of Blues, Memphis, TN.
Rebellious Young Women
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:35
  Comments: by Kacy Crowley. Courtesy of: Atlantic Records. A born storyteller with a girft for heart-wrenching confessionals and rootsy anthems of a generation adrift, Kacy Crowley stands out like a sunflower among today's crop of female singer/songwriters. With her huskey honeyed vocals and her band's soulful and edgy accompaniment, the songs on her Atlantic debut, Anchorless, offer brutally candid glimpses into Crowley's compelling, hard-fought worldview. In its cutting and plaintive songs, grounded by an intense and poignant intimacy, Anchorless chronicles Kacy's walk along the hard road. The startlingly autobiographical "Rebellious Young Women" is more rockin' than most of today's acoustic-based singer/songwriter material. Touched with a sense of lived-through-this veracity, the intimate memoir of Anchorless captures an artist who refuses to stand still, for whom forward motion is everything. Discography: Anchorless.
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:08
  Comments: by Third Eye Blind. Courtesy of: Elektra Records. From the first explosive I-got-you-in-my-sights delivery of charismatic frontman Stephen Jenkins to the rolling rhythm section of bassist Arion Salazar and drummer Brad Hargreaves, to the signature guitar work of Kevin Cadogan, you realize Third Eye Blind is working from an inner zip code of evaporating bliss. Their self-titled debut album represents the coda of their do-it-yourself ethic. Produced by Jenkins and recorded locally in San Francisco with Eric Valentine, the album swings from the whimsical to the forboding, creating a self-contained 3rd universe -- but it's a place you definitely want to know more about. Jenkins' unique phrasing and the Cadogan-to-Salazar-to-Hargreaves crackling exchanges juxtapose barbwire tales with alluring baIlads that pull you even further into their world. Enter it and experience the unique musical vision of Third Eye Blind. Discography: Third Eye Blind.
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:11
  Comments: by Jonatha Brooke. Courtesy of: Refuge/MCA Records. Over the last five years, singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke has established herself as one of the pre-eminent voices of the adult and college alternative scene. As The Story, Brooke and her band released two highly praised albums, Grace in Gravity and The Angel in the House. With the powerful combination of intelligently crafted songs, The Story transcended the ordinary with simplicity and spirit. Plumb, Brooke's first solo release, received critical acclaim. But in the years that have seen Brooke's creative direction shift and mature, notably her own evolution as a solo artist, she has finally realized her sophisticated, yet fiercely unconventional aspirations. Look for the release of 10 Cent Wings, Jonatha Brooke's most passionate excursion to date. Then tune in and take flight! Discography: 10 Cent Wings, Plumb, The Angel in the House, Grace in Gravity.
I Don't Want To Wait
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 5:19
  Comments: by Paula Cole. Courtesy of: Warner Brothers. Paula Cole's This Fire announces the arrival of a writer, singer, and musician of exceptional talent and power. It is filled with shockingly bold writing and singing that is gentle and whispering at one extreme of the pendulum and vicious at the other. The 11 songs on This Fire overflow with emotions that seem deeply, even fiercely personal, yet Cole manages to make the experiences and the pain universal, transcending their often autobiographical origins. Cole studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she says she learned a lot, "but I was ultimately driven to write my own music, poetry and prose. I could see that this was my path. I felt destiny in my own music. I found freedom." Her recent hit, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone," brought the rare talents of this gifted performer into the national limelight. "I Don't Want to Wait" shows yet another side of Paula Cole. Discography: Harbinger, This Fire.
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:48
  Comments: by Ben Harper. Courtesy of: Virgin Records. With the release of his third album, The Will To Live, Ben Harper pushes the boundaries of his musical style to include everything from electric rock, Delta blues, gospel, funk, folk and country, to soul and reggae. Joining Ben on the album are The Innocent Criminals, bassist Juan Nelson and drummer Dean Butterworth. During the recording sessions, Harper and crew played live to get the feel for the songs, with Ben layering his Weissenborn parts on top. The process not only allowed them to capture rare musical moments, but also allowed Ben to work a touch of analog tape trickery into the album. MTV Online says of the release: "Ben Harper has plugged in and turned up, resulting in a record that shows he's a man unafraid to shake things up a bit." Plug in to Ben Harper and experience The Will to Live. Discography: The Will To Live, Fight For Your Mind, Welcome To The Cruel World.
I Need
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:10
  Comments: by Meredith Brooks. Courtesy of: Capitol Records. (P) 1997 Capitol Records, Inc. Meredith Brooks' music is a tough-hewn pop that strives for focus, and doesn't quit until it lands on a melody or topic compelling enough to glide away on its own two feet. "I like things, musical or otherwise, to be centered." Brooks says. "Without listening to the heartbeat you pretty much can't function in this world." On her Capitol Records debut, Blurring the Edges, the Oregon native proves that she has not only the will, but the experience to find insights in contradictions. She also lets us know that big questions can sometimes be defused with a simple laugh. Brooks is a communicator, a performer who can ponder a question with enough presence of spirit to make the listener deeply involved with the outcome. Cool Middle Eastern guitar figures dance around "I Need," an abrupt and seductive disc opener whose hook is inescapable, Let yourself be seduced by Blurring The Edges and enjoy the many moods of Meredith Brooks. Discography: Blurring the Edges.
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Alan Anderson, Brian Beattie, Jay Bellerose, Tony Black, Jo(h)n Brion, Lindsey Buckingham, Billy Burnette, Paul Bushnell, Rosemary Butler, Dean Butterworth, Lenny Castro, Sharon Celani, Matt Chamberlain, Ray Cooper, Jim Cox, Craig Doerge, Brad Dutz, Jim Ebert, Seam(us) Egan, Steve Ferrone, Mick Fleetwood, Josh Freese, Rafael Gayol, George (M.) Hawkins(, Jr.), (Jon) Doug(las) Haywood, Neale Heywood, Wayne Jackson, Jim Keltner, Danny (Kootch) Kortchmar, Russ(ell) Kunkel, Sara Lee, Greg(ory) (Brian) Leisz, Tony Levin, David Lindley, Andrew Love, Brian S. MacLeod/McCleod, Amber Maggart, Patrick Matera, Bruce Bertness McCabe, John McVie, Christine McVie, Dennis (W.) Morgan, Juan Nelson, Dave/David Karl Plehn/Plenn, Federico Pol, Steve Potts, Jim(my) Pugh, Eddy Quintela, Michael Ramos, David Jeffrey Ricketts, Craig Ross, Todd Sharp, Leland (Lee) Sklar, David (M.) Smith, Lee Spath, Mindy Stein, Fred Tackett, Mick Taylor, Lola Thomas, Jeff Trott, Brett Tuggle, Patric(k) Warren, Freddie (Ready) Washington, Tripp Wiggins, Steve Winwood

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Promotional Vinyl/CD Album

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(David) Ryan Adams (Songwriter), (David) Ryan Adams (Songwriter), Fiona Apple (Songwriter), Jonatha Brooke (Songwriter), Meredith Brooks (Songwriter), Jackson Browne (Songwriter), Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), Kevin Cadogan (Songwriter), Kevin Cadogan (Songwriter), Paula Cole (Songwriter), Sheryl Crow (Songwriter), Kacy Crowley (Songwriter), David Fisher (Songwriter), David Fisher (Songwriter), Mick Fleetwood (Songwriter), Mick Fleetwood (Songwriter), David Gavurin (Songwriter), David Gavurin (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Ben Harper (Songwriter), Edward Heyman (Songwriter), Stephan/Stephen (Douglas) Jenkins (Songwriter), Stephan/Stephen (Douglas) Jenkins (Songwriter), Jonny Lang (Songwriter), John McVie (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), John McVie (Songwriter), Dennis (W.) Morgan (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Shelly Peiken (Songwriter), Ron Sexsmith (Songwriter), Lola Thomas (Songwriter), Karl Wallinger (Songwriter), Karl Wallinger (Songwriter), Harriet Wheeler (Songwriter), Harriet Wheeler (Songwriter), Victor Young (Songwriter), Michael Morgan (Art Direction), Tchad Blake (Produced By), Jackson Browne (Produced By), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Front Line Management (Produced By), Stephan/Stephen (Douglas) Jenkins (Produced By), Stephan/Stephen (Douglas) Jenkins (Produced By), Andrew Slater (Produced By), Ken Allardyce/Alydice (Engineered By), Greg Ladanyi (Recorded By), Eric Valentine (Recorded By), Greg Ladanyi (Mixed By), Dan Marnian/Marnien (Mixed By), Dennis Kirk (Recording Assisted By), Dennis Kirk (Mixing Assisted By), David LaChapelle (Fleetwood Mac Photographs), Neal Preston (Fleetwood Mac Photographs)

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Best Buy

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Collector's 2 CD Set

The Mac is back! Although Fleetwood Mac has never technically been away, the line-up that people consider the one true Mac is finally back together and stronger than ever! Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were together for over 13 years; they are, and always will be, the Fleetwood Mac of record. Now they are back with a new album and video, The Dance, taken from the MTV special by the same name; they are touring for the first time in more than a decade, and fans world-over are rejoicing. The timing could not be better. It's been 30 years since the formation of the original Fleetwood Mac, and 20 years since the release of Rumours, the most influential and innovative aIbum of the group's career, and an enduring landmark of the rock era. Though they'd been approached many times over the years about getting back together, the group's reunion was not really planned. Lindsey Buckingham was working on some solo material in late 1995 when he happened to run into Mick Fleetwood. Mick says, "We started working together on some of his songs and immediately sparked off each other. It's like learning to ride a bike; once you've got it you never forget." Lindsey and Mick worked together through the summer of 1996 and when Lindsey asked Mick who he thought should lay down some bass parts, there was little doubt who Mick would suggest. Soon after John McVie joined them in the studio, the potential-unspoken but palpable-began to build, gathering momentum when Lindsey asked Christine McVie to come in and sing harmonies. "The energy, the pure joy of working together was stronger than ever," recounts Lindsey. "There we were," adds Mick, with a laugh, "all four of us in the control room actually enjoying each other's company. At the time she got the call, Christine says "I was very content with my life, but at the same time, I must admit, I felt the pull." The pull also exerted its influence on the fifth Mac member. "None of us really had to do this," Stevie remarks. "We had our separate lives and careers. But the chance to work together again, without all the conflicts that had once made things so difficult, was hard to resist. The Rumours anniversary was a perfect excuse, but what's more important is how we've each grown. I'd always loved being part of this band, feeling that extraordinary energy that we could create, and now there's nothing to interfere with that flow of energy." The resulting flow of that collective energy, The Dance, features masterful re-workings of 8 of Fleetwood Mac's most beloved songs, plus 4 new tunes. The album went straight to number one at the top of the Billboard album charts upon its release. Tickets to the group's reunion concerts also sold out immediately in city after city, leaving no doubt that the Mac is most definitely back and their fans have been sorely missing them.

Fleetwood Mac Selected Discography:

*No Longer Available.

1969 Then Play On
1970 Kiln House
1971 Future Games
1972 Bare Trees
1973 Penguin
1973 Mystery To Me
1974 Heroes Are Hard To Find
1975 Fleetwood Mac
1977 Rumours
1977 Fleetwood Mac / The Vintage Years* (Sire)
1979 Tusk
1980 Fleetwood Mac Live
1982 Mirage
1987 Tango In The Night
1988 Greatest Hits
1990 Behind The Mask
1992 Fleetwood Mac / 25 Years / The Chain*
1994 In Chicago 1969
1997 The Dance

Fleetwood Mac Selected Solo Discography:

*No Longer Available.
** To Be Reissued Nov. 1997 (Subject to change)

Stevie Nicks

1981 Bella Donna
1983 Wild Heart
1985 Rock A Little
1989 The Other Side Of The Mirror
1991 Timespace: The Best Of Stevie Nicks
1994 Street Angel

Lindsey Buckingham

1981 Law And Order
1984 Go Insane
1992 Out Of The Cradle

Buckingham Nicks

1977 Buckingham Nicks*

Christine McVie

1984 Christine McVie**

John McVie

1992 "Gotta Band" with Lola Thomas*

Mick Fleetwood

1981 The Visitor*
1983 I'm Not Me*
1992 Shakin' The Cage (with The Zoo) *

" had always been a dream, somewhere in the back of my mind, that we would one day get together again." - Stevie Nicks

"The Magic, the energy, the pure joy of working together was stronger than ever." - Lindsey Buckingham

"It was an odd feeling, being back together, but it was obvious we were having fun." - Christine McVie

"We realized that we had created this tremendous body of work and that we wanted to celebrate that accomplishment." - John McVie

"While the chemistry between the group is hard to pin down, it's unmistakable once you're a part of it." - Mick Fleetwood

Disc 2: Disc 2 of this Collector's Set is a compilation of music by various artists, both new and established. Musically, the disc is a reflection of the many faces of Rock 'n' Roll in 1997. From young blues heroes to resurgent superstars, today's musical landscape is ever-evolving and truly exciting. The Music Buyers at Best Buy who complied this disc think it is an excellent snapshot of what is happening at this moment. Enjoy.

Fleetwood Mac Tour 97 Collector's CD credits:

Best Buy Thanks: Brad Anderson, Gary Arnold, Pat Brazil, Steve carlsen, Diana Eavzan, Julie Engel, Wade Fenn, Heidi Geller, Amy Gunnoe, Roger Halford, Glenn Harr, Lori Holtan, Tom Jackson, Nancy Johnson, Jennifer Johnston, Julie Link, John McGuigan, John Michael, Julie Moore, Midge Mosimann, Peter Mullin, Tom Overby, Joe Pagano, Ted Singer, Cyndi Springer, Lynnae Thompson.

Thanks To: Karen Aegerter, Carol Arnold, Tom Balla, Barbara Bausman, Candace Berry, Mark Callaghan, Doug Clouse, John Courage, Larry Crandus, Tony Dimitriades, Julie Duffy, Drew Emmer, Richie Gallo, Dave Garbarino, Mickey Gayler, Jeff Gazzarri, Bill Giardini, Mike Gillespie, Jane Holman, Janet Isotalo, Bruce Kapp, Howard Kaufman, Craig Kostich, Stacy Kreisberg, Steve Lawler, Joe McFadden, John Meglen, Louis Messina, John Norman, Paul Orescan, Jody Pankhurst, Leah Reid, Denny Rosencrantz, Brian Ross, Paige Ross, Mike Smith, Dave Stein, Cheri Strand, Harlan Strong, Carl Stubner, Harold Sulman, Melissa Taylor, Steve Wax, Jason Whittington, Mike Worthington, Amy Zaret.

Service Above And Beyond: Jason Bernstein, Christine Flores, Jill Gable, Marcia Hrichison, Mary Klauzer, Sheryl Louis, Becky Mendoza.

This project would not have been possible without the mystical talent and creativity of Fleetwood Mac: Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood.

All Copywrited material, tradeames and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.

Made in the U.S.A.

Distributed by Best Buy
7075 Flying Could Drive
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344

(C) 1997 Best Buy Co., Inc.
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Attractive Mac collectable
Review written by John Fitzgerald, June 15th, 2005

This is an intriguing collectors item with a very nice booklet and packaging and disc one starts with "The Dance" video only version of "Gypsy" which starts things out on great footing. Stevie & Lindsey's "Twisted" is listed as the "cassette version" but any difference from the "Twister" soundtrack disc version is very minimal at best. Personally, I don't notice any difference. Lindsey's "Steal your heart away" has the pleasing Tin Pan Alley style that worked so well with "Out of the cradle" numbers like "Soul drifter". A couple of previously released solo tunes are then followed by interesting interview clips from each "Rumours" line up band member. It should be noted though that although "Rattlesnake shake" is billed as being by Mick Fleetwood, it's not the version from "The visitor" that the packaging may lead some to believe but it is in fact the Fleetwood Mac recording from the "Live at the BBC" set. Disc two has nothing to do with the Mac, but it's a good collection of what was going on with mainstream rock in 1997 with a good mix of familiar numbers and good choices of album cuts. Those familiar with Jonny Lang's "Lie to me" album due to Bekka's appearance on the lead off title track will note that they have chosen one of the best songs from that album for this collection, the slow, moody, "Missing your love". I also like The Sundays "Cry" and The Beautiful South styled "Story of my life" by Big Blue Hearts. Highly recommended treasure chest of a double discer.

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"Gypsy" on most, if not all, of the CD's was recorded too slowly. Best Buy has sent out an announcement which states: "Thank you for your interest in and support of the Fleetwood Mac Tour '97. Best Buy has just learned of a manufacturing error, which occurred on Disc One of the Fleetwood Mac Collector's CD recently sent to you. Best Buy apologizes for this and will promptly be correcting the error. Under separate cover, Best Buy will provide you with a replacement Disc One for your Collector's CD. In order to eliminate any confusion, please dispose of the original Disc One contained within your Collector's CD. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Best Buy". As of this date, no replacement CD's were ever reported to be distributed. Fleetwood Mac - Courtesy of: Reprise Records.

"Twisted" is listed as the "Cassette version" but there appears to be little, if any difference between the recording of the song that appears on this disc compared to the recording of the song that appears on the "Twister" soundtrack. Stevie Nicks - Courtesy of: Reprise Records.

"Steal Your Heart Away" is billed as being "from (Lindsey Buckingham's) forthcoming CD to be released in 1998" (a solo album reported elsewhere to be entitled "Gift Of Screws" which wasn't released until 2008 and by then this track was no longer part of the album's tracklisting). This "Steal Your Heart Away" recording did surface on Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Will" album but the mix included on this CD differs from the mix eventually released on "Say You Will".

"The Smile I Live For" is by Christine McVie (with guest: Lindsey Buckingham). Courtesy of N.E.M. Entertainment Corp. Master Courtesy of Warner Brothers Records.

"One More Time With Feeling" is by John McVie's Gotta band With Lola Thomas. This track is taken from the selftitled "John McVie's Gotta Band With Lola Thomas" album which Billy Burnette is listed on for "guitars". Unfortunately, the liner notes for that album do not indicate which song(s) Billy plays on, so Billy's "appearance" here is questionable.

"Rattlesnake Shake" is incorrectly listed as being by Mick Fleetwood (solo). It is actually the Fleetwood Mac April 9, 1970 BBC version on the CD.

"Running On Empty" is by Jackson Browne. Courtesy of: Elektra Records. Jackson Browne needs little introduction. With classic albums like The Pretender, Late For The Sky, and For Everyman, and songs like "Doctor My Eyes," "The Pretender," "Running on Empty" and "Lives In The Balance," he has defined a genre of songwriting that is charged with honesty, emotion, and personal politics. In the process he has altered the landscape of American music and heightened the social consciousness of the American public. At once poetic and elegant, whimsical and heartrending, spiritual and sad, the music on The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne catalogues the human condition with a grace and brilliance that have become trademarks of Browne's work. This anthology is one album no music collection should be without. Discography: The Next Voice Your Hear: The Best Of Jackson Browne, Looking East, I'm Alive, World In Motion, Lives In The Balance, Lawyers In Love, Hold Out, Running On Empty, Late For The Sky, The Pretender, For Everyman, Jackson Browne.

"Missing Your Love" is by Jonny Lang. Courtesy of A&M Records, Inc. The blues has a new hero, a fresh voice, a young champion, a guitar god in the making. His name is Jonny Lang, he's still a teenager, and he's got the fire in his belly. Lang's major label debut, Lie To Me, is a smokin' set of potent originals and choice covers, played with soul, taste and intensity. If Lang were 45 instead of 16, the results would be no less staggering. Unlike most young guitar phenoms, Lang is even more impressive as a singer than as a string bender. He's got grit, soul, poise, range and a powerhouse deliverly that drip confidence. Another side of Lang's big blossoming talent comes through on "Missing Your Love," an unabashedly romantic ballad the young musician co-penned with Dennis Morgan. If you haven't heard Jonny Lang, do yourself a favor and listen in to see what you've been missing. This young talent is here to stay. Discography: Lie To Me.

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