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Buckingham Nicks (1973) - Buckingham Nicks

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Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks

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Side 1:
Crying In The NightLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 2:58
StephanieInstrumental Tabs available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 2:12
Without A Leg To Stand OnLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 2:09
CrystalLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 3:41
Long Distance WinnerLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 4:50
Side 2:
Don't Let Me Down AgainLyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 3:52
DjangoInstrumental Tabs available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 1:02
Races Are RunLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 4:14
Lola (My Love)Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 3:44
Frozen LoveLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1973, Running Time: 7:16
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Jorge Calderon, Gary (Hoppy) Hodges, Jim Keltner, Peggy Sandvig, Jerry Obern Scheff, Monty Stark, Mark Tulin, Ron(nie) Tutt, Waddy (Robert) Wachtel

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), John Lewis (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Lorrie Sullivan (Photography), Jimmy Wachtel (Photography), Richard Dashut (Assistant Engineer), Lee Lasseff (Executive Producer), Keith Olsen (Produced By), Keith Olsen (Engineered By), Richard Hallagan (Strings Arranged By), Richard Marcelli (Inspiration), Jimmy Wachtel (Album Design), The Dye Company (Color Print), Jimmy Wachtel (Color Print)

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PD 5058

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Recorded at Sound City, Los Angeles.

Dedicated to A.J. Nicks the grandfather of country music.

Color Print: The Dye Company, Los Angeles/Wild Studio/Jimmy Wachtel

(P) 1973 Anthem Record Corporation

Manufactured by Polydor Incorporated
810 Seventh Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10019

2391 093

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I was there
Review written by TtownDick, January 13th, 2014

1974 I was a student at the University of Alabama and also a jock on the campus radio station.
So I went to all the concerts.
Buckingham Nicks were really popular in the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa market
They appeared at Morgan Auditorium, a great venue with just over 600 seats.
According to sources, this was the first time they performed Rhiannon.
Obviously, great concert & Stevie was waaaay hot!
So I still have the vinyl as well as a bootleg cd taken directly from the vinyl.
I've always heard there was/is a lawsuit regarding the B N music, which is why an real cd has never been produced & the music has never been covered.
I just can't believe that's still the case after so many years.
A Fleetwood Mac cover of the album would be instant platinum.

Review written by Roger Weeden, May 11th, 2010

In the early 1980's I was at a hodge-podge of a recod store. Yes, lp's in racks and in piles on the floor. I have always loved FM and SN since 1976, upon hearing Rhiannon.
In this cluttered mayhem I ran across the B/N lp! I was thrilled! It was in excellent condition, inside and out. It is the gatefold copy-the back is a blue-green tinted mirror image of the front cover. There was a small cut in the cover, meaning that the lp was rejected. (a dye cut?)
That was in 1983! I still have the original lp and 2 or 3 CD's of the same. One contains the radio/air play version of Crying in the Night. There are a few live B/N songs from a show. The other CD contains the entire B/N lp plus a few demos (a few songs tht Stevie finally released on TISL) Sorcerer, Planets, Candlebright.
Anyhow, these CD's are out there. I found them on ebay. I also found a few photos from the photo shoot for the B/N cover. One is hand tinted with greens and grey-blues. The sound on these CD's is excellent, clear and no "scratchies". I advise anyone who is a Stevie/ FM fan to search for it... IT is a must have for any FM/ SN fan. I feel like I have some precsious gem!
At a SYW show in SC, near the end of Stevie's story about B/N, waitressing, being poor, etc., Lindsey started playing the opening chords to Frozen Love, from B/N. Only an FM fanatic would recognize those chords.. and I DID and went wild. FM newbies were oblivious to the intro and i ws screaming "Frozen Love" and starting to sing... but Stevie shook her finger at Lindsey and said that she forgot the words... I was ready to jump on stage and go over the words with her!!
Try and find this historic recording.. you won't regret it. (just stay clear of the 10th+ generation copies that have been originally recorded on cassettes.. Stevie sounds like a munchkin and the crisp guitar chords are dull and warbled).

The seeds of musical promise are definitely in bloom...
Review written by Jon the Moonspinner, February 17th, 2010

Credited to Lindsey Buckingham and Stevi Nicks, this somewhat folky, somewhat stodgy, guitar-driven effort from the pre-Fleetwood Mac lovers has acquired a magical mystique in the last 20 years which far exceeds the end results. I purchased this around 1982, when it was released without the gatefold cover, and--despite being HUGE fans of both Buckingham and Nicks--I never quite got into it. Now when I play "Buckingham Nicks", I'm attuned more to the history of the record, the burgeoning brilliance of Nicks' lyrical stylings, and the budding genius of Lindsey's guitar-work. "Don't Let Me Down Again", "Races Are Run", "Crying in the Night", the instrumental "Stephanie", and "Long Distance Winner" are the highlights. "Frozen Love", co-written by the duo, is the song which first attracted Mick Fleetwood to the musicians, although it is the least effective track on the record. The production is soupy, the vocals are not strong. In fact, the feeling one gets here is of musical restlessness. The songs desperately need to soar and celebrate life, but our heroes are instead bummed out. Listening to this today is a curious experience, but not a sentimental one. These two sound like they're fed up with being poor, sick of kicking around L.A. and ready for a change. "Buckingham Nicks" is rather bitter, proving that Mick Fleetwood not only saved Lindsey and Stevie from poverty--he saved them from themselves.

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There is a bootleg version of this available on CD.

Peggy Sandvig's name is incorrectly spelled as "Peggy Sandvic" in the liner notes.

This album was expected to be released on CD officially in 2001. Perhaps eventually. Unfortunately, likely never. See Keith Olsen's Q&A.

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Discography entry submitted by brian j & Christy. Album cover provided by Robert York.