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Shakin' The Cage (1992) - Mick Fleetwood\'s Zoo/The Zoo

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Bekka Bramlett, Mick Fleetwood, Tom Lilly, Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe, Brett Tuggle, Gregg Wright

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Reach Out
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 5:19
God Created Woman
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 4:51
Night Life
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 6:01
Shakin' The Cage
  Date Performance: 1991, Running Time: 4:15
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 7:27
How Does It Feel
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 4:17
The Night And You
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 4:19
Takin' It Out To The People
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 4:33
Breakin' Up
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 4:57
In Your Hands
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 6:18
    Guest Appearances »

(Is(s)aac) As(s)ante, Delaney Bramlett, Bonnie Bramlett, Ken(ny) Gradney

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Delaney Bramlett (Songwriter), Billy Burnette (Songwriter), Billy Burnette (Songwriter), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Songwriter), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Songwriter), John Rutter (Photography), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Synth Programming), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Synth Programming), Deborah Norcross (Art Direction), Deborah Norcross (Design), Leslie Wintner (Design), Bob Loftus (Assistant Engineer), Rail (Jon) Rogut (Assistant Engineer), Eric Rudd (Assistant Engineer), Brian French (Drum Technician), Peter Baynes (Guitar Technician), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Produced By), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Produced By), Alan/Allen Sides (Recorded By), Alan/Allen Sides (Mixed By), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Mixed By), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Mixed By), Ken Allardyce/Alydice (Additional Engineer), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Additional Engineer), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Additional Engineer), Bekka Bramlett (Collage Photos By), Bekka Bramlett (Collage Photos By), Mick Fleetwood (Collage Photos By), Mick Fleetwood (Collage Photos By), Tom Lilly (Collage Photos By), Tom Lilly (Collage Photos By), Mick Fleetwood\'s Zoo/The Zoo (Collage Photos By), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Collage Photos By), Billy (Wiliam Richard) Thorpe (Collage Photos By), Brett Tuggle (Collage Photos By), Brett Tuggle (Collage Photos By), Gregg Wright (Collage Photos By), Gregg Wright (Collage Photos By), Peter Baynes (Band Assistant), Brian French (Band Assistant), Triad Artists (Booking Information), Dennis Dunstan (Zookeeper (Management)), Lynn Thorpe (Zoo Logo Design), Tim Eames (Zoo Logo Construction)

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Capricorn Records

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9 42004-2 (CD) 42004-4 (Cassette)

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Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA

Additional Recording at Encino Recorders

Mixed at Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Gregg Wright appears courtesy of Quality Records

Booking Information:
Triad Artists
10100 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Zookeeper (Management):
Dennis Dunstan
Wel-Dun Management
1415 3rd Street Promenade, Suite 301
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Very Special Thank You's to the following:
Mo Ostin, Phil Walden, Don Schmitzerle, Jeff Cook, Mark Pucci, Marcia Beverly, Ann Waller, John Curtis and the entire Capricorn staff, Marty Callner and Cream Cheese Productions, Peter Grosslight, Peter Sheilds, Allison Band and all at Triad Agency, Sharon Olsen (Thanks for believing early), Jay Cooper and Jonathan Haft, Michael Jadinski and Mushroom Records, Stuart Wax and Adam Katz at Midnight Music Management, Russ Titelman, Kenny Gradney, Joe McNulty, and all the girls at Wel-Dun.

Thank You To:
From Mick...John Goode at Drum Workshop, Paiste Cymbals, Regal Tip, Remo, David and Chris at Brady Drums, Jeff at L.A. Driver, everyone at S.I.R., and the accounting firm of McNulty and Associates.

From Bekka...Mamo Bramlett (my reason for living), Delaney Bramlett (my mentor, my teacher, my friend), Bonnie Bramlett (my mother, my spirit), and of course, my partners in crime: Lyz Ruston, Julieann Shelton, Stephanie Heaton & Jamie Wharton (the baddest women on the planet-Thanks, you guys), my sisters Suzanne and Michelle Bramlett, John Bramlett, Kim Conaughton, David Guerra, Bro. legge, Danny Sheridan, Albert King, Mikkol Carafa, Brittany Vera, The Wharton Family, The Oswald family, Jani Lane, Lisa Fremer, Susan Robinson (my net), Richie Sambora, Nick Moyle, Michael Guido, Stevie Wonder and Steven Tyler (the ultimate cage shakers), all the boys in the Zoo and above all...to Jesus Christ (my anchor).

From Billy...to Mick for your trust, friendship, endless laughs and great rhythm, Dennis for your belief in asking me to be a part of this project, Peter Baynes for the great guitar sounds on this record, Brian French for always being there and getting it done, Lynn, Rusty and Lauren - my life and inspiration, without whose support these songs would never have been written.

From Tom...Rich Friedrich and Mike Conneley at Dean Markley String Co., Steve, Rick, Don and Kelly at SWR Bass Amps, Fender Guitars, and of course my family and friends.

From Brett...KORG. Peavey, Hammond Suzuki, Bose Corp., Crown International Inc., Akai, Zoom, Audio Technica, Nike, and Debbie, Matthew and Michelle Tuggle.

From Greg...Dennis Dunstan, Mick Fleetwood, Billy Thorpe, Brian French, Peter Baynes, The Zoo, Mickey Shapiro, Fender Guitars, Andy and Lon at Andy Brauer Studio Rentals, friends and family.

From the Zoologists...Katie Baynes and Wayne French.

(C) (P) 1992 Capricorn Records (logo is a trademark of Capricorn Records) for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the U.S.
120 30th Ave North
Nashville, TN 37203

Manufactured and distributed by Warner Bros. Records Inc. (logo is a registeerd trademark of Warner Bros. Records Inc.), a Time Warner Company
3300 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505-4694

75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019-6908

Made in U.S.A.

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Compact Disc Digital Audio

0 9362-0

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There are 6 visitor reviews for Shakin' The Cage. See them all here.

English, Aussie & US rock legends join forces
Review written by Anonymous, June 18th, 2010

An excellent rock album by some true greats. As an Aussie, I reckon it's great to see one of our greatest and wildest rock legends ever, Billy Thorpe, performing with other legends like Mick Fleetwood, Kenny Gradney and the Bramletts.
It was a sad day in Australia when Billy unexpectedly passed away a few years back. How much more great music could these guys have put out!
This album is certainly worth tracking down and buying if you like good solid rock, very professionally played.

This album shook my cage
Review written by Michael Sears (sears925@comcsat.net), November 26th, 2008

I have always like Mick Fleetwood and Fleetwood Mac.
I seen Fleetwood Mac live, one of the better shows I have seen.
So one day a couple of years ago I was looking through CDs @ a local used CD store and the cover caught my attention (that is how I stumbled onto Molly Hatchet waaay back when, by the cover art). I checked out the line up and just knew this was going to be something special. I took it up to the counter and asked if I could give it a listen, they threw it into the player and I was HOOKED! Bekka's strong and sexy voice is perfect for this music. This is one of my favorites which I am always eager to turn people onto. They all have the same reaction... WHO IS THIS!? I would also like to see them make more music and tour. It is a shame that Billy Thorpe passed last year, a victim of cardiac arrest. RIP Billy.

Great sound
Review written by roccastanislav@yahoo.com, January 8th, 2007

When I listened this album on "Muzica Magica", a radio broadcast in Cluj, Romania, I was conquered by the sound. Really great. What voices, guitars drums and keyboards. . It's a C.D. hard to find on the music market. Why ?

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Billed as by "The Zoo"

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