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The Visitor - Mick Fleetwood

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The Visitor (1981) - Mick Fleetwood

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Mick Fleetwood

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Rattlesnake ShakeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 3:49
  Comments: "The Clapettes" are also listed for "extra percussion" but the liner notes for "The Visitor" album do not indicate who "The Clapettes" consist of. "Dicky Dash" is also listed for "extra percussion". This is presumably Richard Dashut.
You Weren't In LoveLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 3:55
O' Niamali
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 2:47
Super BrainsInstrumental
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 4:07
  Comments: The last name of the songwriter is incorrectly spelled "Orentsil" on the Great Expectations CD reissue for this track.
Don't Be Sorry, Just Be Happy
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 4:24
Walk A Thin LineLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 3:19
Not Fade AwayLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 2:22
Cassiopeia Surrender
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 4:34
The Visitor
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 4:05
Amelle (Come On Show Me Your Heart)
  Date Performance: 1981-02-00, Running Time: 4:35
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Accra Roman Catholic Choir, Adjo Group, Eric Agyeman, Eric Agyeman, Ian Bairnson, A(lfred) B(enjamin) Crentsil(, Jr.), A(lfred) B(enjamin) Crentsil(, Jr.), Ebaali Gbiko, Ebaali Gbiko, Peter Green, George Harrison, George (M.) Hawkins(, Jr.), Lord Tiki, Lord Tiki, Mike Moran, Sara Recor (Fleetwood), Todd Sharp, Superbrains, The Ghana Folkloric Group

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Richard Dashut (Engineer), Nii Amartey (Songwriter), Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), A(lfred) B(enjamin) Crentsil(, Jr.) (Songwriter), A(lfred) B(enjamin) Crentsil(, Jr.) (Songwriter), Bill Fields (Songwriter), C(ornelius) K(weku) Ganyo (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), George (M.) Hawkins(, Jr.) (Songwriter), Buddy (Charles Hardin) Holly (Songwriter), Norman Petty (Songwriter), Todd Sharp (Songwriter), Randy Ezratty/Ezratti (Co-Ordination), Richard E Aaron (Photography), Richard Dashut (Photography), Mick Fleetwood (Photography), Mickey (Michael R.) Shapiro (Executive Producer), Tony Todaro (Road Manager), Tony Todaro (Equipment Manager), Richard Dashut (Album Concept), Mick Fleetwood (Album Concept), Richard Dashut (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Andrew Powell (String Arrangements), James Campus (Album Design), Anthony Cohen (Album Design), Bill(y) Yo(u)delman (Engineer In Ghana), Randy Ezratty/Ezratti (Recording Equipment), Jim Barnes (Production Co-Ordinator In Ghana), Grey Matter (New Artwork)

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RCA Records/Great Expectations

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AFL1-4080 (US RCA LP) RCA LP 5044 (UK RCA Vinyl) PL-14080 (Netherlands RCA LP) PIPCD 020 (Great Expectations CD Reissue)

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Recorded in Accra, Ghana, West Africa, January-February 1981

All tracks recorded by Effanel music portable recording system

I could not have wished to have been with better people in everyway before, during and after the making of this album.
Thank you all for making a not easy endeavor, a reality. Being a visitor to Ghana will be a heartfelt memory with me for the rest of my life
Much love to you all
from Mick

Dedicated to Amy and Lucy Fleetwood.

Thanks to Faisal Helwani, Founder of Musicians Union in Ghana and Sammy Oto, both instrumental in leading us to Ghanaian musicians used on this album.

Special thanks to
Martin Wyatt (a true Superman)
Terry Doran

George Harrison courtesy of Dark Horse Records, U.K.
Peter Greenbaum courtesy of PVK Records, U.K.

Great Expectations CD Reissue Notes:

(P) & (C) 1981 BMG Music
Issued under licence from BMG

Great Expectations

Also available on LP & MC (PIPLP 020/PIPMC 020)

Made in France by MPO

Compact Disc Digital Audio

5 018376 10 5

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Review written by Kuei, April 27th, 2008

Very few albums can I sit and listen to over and over and not get tired. This is one of those albums. This album has something for everybody, and for me it was my favorite guitarist Peter Green.
Mick Fleetwood brilliantly pulls Peter Green out of the woodwork to BLAST open this album with the best version of "Rattlesnake Shake" I have ever heard. As soon as you hear the first note of this album you know it's gonna be a keeper. Add to it the amazing line up of musical history and this is something with which you're never gonna want to part.
Adding "Walk a Thin Line by Buckingham was a nice touch but I really loved Harrison's "Cassiopeia Surrender". A great tune with alot of feeling.
Hats off to Mick and Pete and everyone else who put their two cents in on this album. I love it!

Mick Fleetwood's 'The Visitor'
Review written by Michael J. Schultz, June 25th, 2007

I don't know what it is about this album that has endeared me to it over the years. Could it be my lifelong love affair with Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac (Most Likely)? The fact Peter Green contributes two titles on it doesn't faves aren't the Green numbers. I have always liked "You weren't in love", "Don't be sorry, just be happy" (Which I repeat as a mantra in my own personal life) and "Cassiopeia Surrender". I simply find those numbers easy to listen to and throughout the years I have always found myself humming the melodies. It's not great...but good...really, really good. "Walk A Thin Line" has always been my favorite of the Lindsey Buckingham Fleetwood Mac and I admire the addition of this song although it falls short of the vibe of the original, again, it is still very listenable. The African beats and singing throughout are infectious and joyful. What more could you ask for in a record? But after all...adding Peter Green, or Greenbaum in the credits, was a joy for me at the time of this album's release. It showed he still had "it" and listening to Peter Green play guitar is still one of God's great gifts to my ears. Overall...this album is another fine addition to any diehard Fleetwood Mac fan's collection!

Our guest becomes more welcome over time
Review written by John Fitzgerald, September 6th, 2004

This is a spotty solo outing but it's stronger tracks make the weaker tracks seem that much stronger. Peter Green joins in on two tracks here, a run through of his "Then play on" rocker "Rattlesnake shake" (which here does rock out with some force including a slight Clapton feel, not too far removed from Green's rockers on his own "White sky" solo album and really holds up well) and an atmospheric instrumental called "Super brains" (which has a great groove drone with distinctive echoy PG guitar licks, the horn puffs help the track along as well, it's a grower but you will eventually find this one a highlight). Oddly the liner notes for this track list Peter (as Peter Greenbaum, his real name) along with Todd Sharp (who does the effective rhythm guitar on this track) but then it says "played by Super brains group" and as Mick is listed on all other tracks (except "Amelle (Come on show me your heart)" more of which in a minute) specifically as playing on them I don't know whether he's on this one or not but it's heavy rhythm approach would make me think he wouldn't want to sit this one out. As said Mick is not listed as being on "Amelle (Come on show me your heart)" either, it just lists George Hawkins for bass & vocals and then says "played by Adjo group" so I'm not sure on this one either but regardless, this track is a likable calypso closer. As for the rest it's up and down though it must be said that this album is not really the all out African tribal music that many may think it is. There are two pure African numbers here, the fast chanting title track beater and "O'Niamali" which is a funk drenched chirping pounder. Other than that, the other tracks are fairly straightforward and not much different (though not as preferable) to the tracks from the underrated 1983 Mick Fleetwood's Zoo album "I'm not me". George Hawkins handles lead vocals on the rest of the tracks. "You weren't in love" is a pleasant mid tempo shouter but it is perhaps a bit overlong. "Don't be sorry (Just be happy)" is a nice soothing sounding ballad but it's one of the weaker tracks I feel. A jangly strumming run through of Lindsey Buckingham's "Tusk" track "Walk a thin line" appears next which has some tasty guitar fills, then we get a cover of the well worn "Not fade away" with that typical Bo Diddley riff leading the way. Frankly, it's nothing remarkable. "Cassiopeia surrender" however, is a high point. What sounds like a dead pan clunker on first listen really grows on you after a few listens including some moody wah wah guitar parts. This album is probably a good place to go after hearing the "I'm not me" album if you enjoyed Hawkins' lead tracks on that album and if you generally like the emphasis on busy rhythms since many of the homeland players give support to many tracks here.

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