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Lucky Devils (2000) - Rick Vito

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Rick Vito

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Let's Get ItLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 0:10
  Comments: (Introduction)
Voodoo WomanLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 3:11
Long Black CarLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 3:55
Bad Girl BluesLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:51
  Comments: An unknown artist billed as "Brother Cous-Cous" is listed for playing bass on this track.
Rhumba DiabloInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:09
Meet Me At MidniteLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:19
World On FireLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:37
Exotica By NightInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:21
Feels Just Like HomeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:15
Carry It On Home To RosieLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 2:33
  Comments: Rick Vito: 'Dedicated to the memory of my friend and brother Ronnie Barron.'
When The Big One ComesLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 3:31
Bayou GoodbyeInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:37
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Jim(my) DeJulio, Dan Duehren (Durran), John Gardner, Mark Harris, Jo(h)n Her(r)on, Jim Hoke, Mark Horwitz, Mark (T.) Jordan, Tony Marsico, Rick Valenti/Valente, Ian Wallace, Glen(n) (A.) Worf, Reese Wynans

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Scott Campbell (Engineer), Bill (Willum) Cuomo (Engineer), Jim Glass (Engineer), Shane Gue (Engineer), Ronnie Barron (Songwriter), Jo(h)n Her(r)on (Songwriter), Tony Marsico (Songwriter), Michael Smotherman (Songwriter), Rick Vito (Songwriter), Rick Vito (Produced By), Henjo (The Lucky Designer) Richter (Artwork By), O. Tim (Photography By), Helge (The Wizard) Halve (Mastering By), Henjo (The Lucky Designer) Richter (Digital Design By), Dennis Danko (Photo Enhancement By)

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Hypertension Music

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0193 HYP

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Lucky Devils was recorded at: House Of Blues Studio, Encino, CA/Rix Recording, Burbank, CA/Manzanita Recording Studio, Arrington, TN/Entropy Recording, Nash-Vegas, TN

Special thanks to: The Almighty, Christial Thiel, Irene Bodschwinna, Jerry Cohen, Bob "Norton" Thompson and Soundcheck, Jim "Blade" Stelluto, Shane "The Magician" Gue, Dennis Danko, Tom Shillea, Joe Naylor, Alain Cola, Larry Dalton, Erik Dalton, Tommy Kay, Moon Martin, Tacoma Julian, Jimmy Miller, Ladd Temple, Bobby Huck, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Gardner and Rold Bahnk at Edel Contraire, Michael Au at WDR, and Aimee, Francesco and Ara Vito.

To all the incredible musicians who played on the recording including Dan Durran, Tony Marsico, John Herron, Reese Wynans, Glen Worf, John Gardner, Ian Wallace, Jim Hoke, Rick Valenti, Mark T. Jordan, Mark Harris, Brother Cous-Cous, Mark Horwitz, and Jim DeJulio (who played drums on much of the early versions of this work), I offer you my eternal thanks and friendship.

We also thank and endorse: Reverend Guitars / Paul McGill Resonator Guitars / Dell'Arte Guitars / Fishman Electronics / Tacoma Guitars / Peavey Amplifiers / Line6 Accessories / Seymour Duncan Pickups / LA Guitar Works / Norman's Rare Guitars / Stamps Electronics.

"Lucky Devils" refers to my band, a group of lucky fellows.

I do not condone or have a belief in anything having to do with glorification of any evil presence or practice.

I dedicate this recording with love to my family.

To find out more about Rick Vito and the Lucky Devils, go to www.rickvito.com

(P) + (C) 2000 Hypertension - the art of music
St. Benedictstr. 5
D-20149 Humburg/Germany
Tel: 040/47 69 93 o. 480 37 92
Fax: 040/47 83 83
e-mail: hypmusic@aol.com


Compact Disc Digital Audio

LC 07526

4 011586 20

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Vito blues...
Review written by Deanna (deanna@fleetwoodmac.net), September 8th, 2004

this is an awesome album he keeps you begging for more of his awesome guitaring!

Vibrant Vito does it again
Review written by John Fitzgerald, September 8th, 2004

Rick grabs us right as the outset with an ultra tasty lick that sends us on our way in "Let's get it" and this does seem to set the tone for the record as the instrumentals on the record are stronger this time while the vocal numbers are not as strong this time out, there is still some interesting moments such as the chain gang blues of Rick's friend, the late Ronnie Barron from the John Mayall days in "Carry it on home to Rosie" which certainly makes an impact. "Rhumba diablo" & "Exotica by night" are exquisitely cool instrumentals while the closer "Bayou goodbye" is a fun rave up to party on into the evening with. Despite having less highlights, I'd probably say this album flows easier than "Pink and black" so on the overall will gather more listens in full.

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Discography entry submitted by Christy Valkman & Rick Vito.