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Carry It On Home To Rosie
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Ronnie Barron

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Date Performance 2000-00-00
Running Time 2:33
Performers Rick Vito (Vocal), Rick Vito (Drum), Rick Vito (Handclaps), Shane Gue (Engineer)
CommentsRick Vito: 'Dedicated to the memory of my friend and brother Ronnie Barron.'
Appears On
Lucky Devils (2000)
Rick Vito

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Sometimes I plow the old grey mare
And then I fly the curly
When I make my fifteen cents
I carry it on home to Rosie

Ooh hoo, ooh well, Lordy Lord
Ooh hoo, ooh well, Lordy Lord
We gotta make that money, boys
And carry it on home to Rosie

Somebody stole my old coon dog
I wish theyíd bring him back
You bring them big ones through the fence
The little ones through the crack

(Repeat Chorus)

That guy wears the broken shoe
The other guy wears the slipper
I donít care what old flat-top says
Iím gonna ride in a Lincoln Zephyr

(Repeat Chorus)

I asked that gal to marry me
Boys what you think she said?
Said, ďI would not marry you
If all of the others was deadĒ

(Repeat Chorus)

Iím gonna keep on talkiní
I ainít gonna sing no more
When this one is over boy
Gonna let all the other ones go

(Repeat Chorus)

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(C) 1978 Ronnie Barron, Ninth Ethereal Music BMI, Red Stripe Music Co BMI

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