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Long Black Car
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Rick Vito, Tony Marsico

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Date Performance 2000-00-00
Running Time 3:55
Performers Rick Vito (Guitar), Rick Vito (Vocal), Ian Wallace (Drums), Tony Marsico (Bass), Shane Gue (Engineer)
Appears On
Lucky Devils (2000)
Rick Vito

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Sit down little sister, right by my side
Spill your heart to me on this midnight ride
My hand’s on the wheel, we’ll never look back
Down a winding road by the railroad track

In a long black car, a long black car
In a long black car, through the night we wander so far
Down the road of love, in a long black car

Straining to see through the pouring rain
I heard the whistle scream of an outbound train
My pedal was down, but I had my doubts
When those warning lights were flashing in and out

(Repeat Chorus)

When we opened our eyes, everything was fine
I smelled the cool sweet air and felt your hand in mine
I looked down below through the smoke and the fire
As a tunnel of light kept pulling us higher

A crowd had gathered round the crash in the night
At the twist in the road where the moon shone bright
There in the front seat, two faces I could see
When I realized it was you and me

(Repeat Chorus)

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(C) 2000 Rick Vito & Tony Marsico, Vitone Music BMI, Route Thirteen Music BMI

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