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Bad Girl Blues
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Rick Vito

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Date Performance 2000-00-00
Running Time 4:51
Performers Rick Vito (Guitar), Rick Vito (Vocal), Ian Wallace (Drums), Rick Valenti/Valente (Harmonica), Mark Harris (Organ), Shane Gue (Engineer)
CommentsAn unknown artist billed as "Brother Cous-Cous" is listed for playing bass on this track.
Appears On
Lucky Devils (2000)
Rick Vito

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Bad Girl, everybody calls you Bad Girl
Well, they might say youíre bad,
But they canít see what I see
You still look good to me

Well, the people are talking, but I donít care
They backed you in the corner and you didnít fight fair

(Repeat Chorus)

You know, the people are talking, but Lord, I donít mind
I looked into your eyes and saw the fugitive kind

(Repeat Chorus)

People are talking, but I know that scene
You been living on your own and those streets are cold and mean

(Repeat Chorus)

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(C) 2000 Rick Vito, Vitone Music BMI

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