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Diana has contributed 1 review to The Penguin: Everything That is Fleetwood Mac:

Rumours Exposed: The Unauthorized Biography Of Fleetwood Mac (1/5.01/5.01/5.01/5.01/5.0)
Old news,cold news,wrong news,NO news!
Review written by Diana, August 30th, 2005

If this woman considers herself a genuine "author", then I consider myself a genuine "rock 'n roll star". Gimme a break here! It seems that all she did was go through all of the old articles, interviews, and previously written books on the Mac, add her point of view to them, and--viola!--a book on Fleetwood Mac.Not only did she misquote Mick Fleetwood from his OWN book, but, top it off, her FACTS were off on MANY points, which,ironically, gave credence to the title--"Rumours". Its just unfortunate that even though its quite obvious as to how she compiled her info, that some facts were STILL wrong, written with a slant for originality I presume, and that anyone really wanting to know about Fleetwood Mac pretty much wasted their money.(we won't mention anything about getting a book deal in the first place.)