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Rumours Exposed: The Unauthorized Biography Of Fleetwood Mac - Leah Furman

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Rumours Exposed: The Unauthorized Biography Of Fleetwood Mac (2000) - Leah Furman

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Fleetwood Mac

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Bekka Bramlett, Bob Brunning, Lindsey Buckingham, Billy Burnette, Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Dave Mason, Christine McVie, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Jeremy Spencer, Rick Vito, Dave Walker, Bob Welch, Bob Weston

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Hard Cover/Paperback

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Diane Y. Chin (Design By), Frank Edwards (Photos), Joe Giza (Photos), Photofest (Photos), Fred Prouser (Photos), Mike Sagar (Photo), Frank Micelotta (Front Cover Photos)

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Birch Lane Press

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Get the real stories of the members of the band that changed the face of rock and roll

What brought this magical combination of talents together

Their rise to stardom

Their turbulent bouts with ego - and substance abuse

What caused the relationships between band members to sour, especially the romances - Nicks and Buckingham and the McVies

The eventual demise of the group

The solo attempts of the members

The defining moment that enabled them to put aside their differences, sparking the phenomenally successful reunion tour

Fans of Fleetwood Mac will find all this and more in this essential volume!

Fleetwood Mac reigned over the American music scene from 1975 to 1987 - but the magic didn't end when the band did. These pied pipers of rock have cast such a strong spell over their fans that even ten years after their split, their reunion tour sold out across the nation.

Fleetwood Mac is more than just a band - it's a legend. The group was originally formed by guitarist Peter Green, drummer Mick Fleetwood, and bassist John McVie in 1967, but it took eight years of struggle, a transatlantic migration, and many changes in the band's lineup before the magic combination coalesced: Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie, Christine McVie, and Mick Fleetwood.

Rumours Exposed: The Unauthorized Biography of Fleetwood Mac follows the band from inception to breakup to triumphant return. It delves into the musicians' personal lives, shedding light on the source of their artistic contributions as well as on their notoriously self-destructive behavior.

Brimming with the juicy tales that make up the Fleetwood Mac legend, Rumours Exposed is a veritable treasure trove of Fleetwood Mac lore. It is a must-have volume for Fleetwood Mac fans - as well as fans of album rock in general.

LEAH FURMAN is the co-author of The Everything After College Book, Generation Inc.: Best Businesses for the Young Entrepreneur, and The Everything Dating Book. She has written numerous articles on the music and entertainment industries for Tripod and X-Sess Living magazines.

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First printing October 2000

U.S. $21.95
(Canada $31.95)



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Old news,cold news,wrong news,NO news!
Review written by Diana, August 30th, 2005

If this woman considers herself a genuine "author", then I consider myself a genuine "rock 'n roll star". Gimme a break here! It seems that all she did was go through all of the old articles, interviews, and previously written books on the Mac, add her point of view to them, and--viola!--a book on Fleetwood Mac.Not only did she misquote Mick Fleetwood from his OWN book, but, top it off, her FACTS were off on MANY points, which,ironically, gave credence to the title--"Rumours". Its just unfortunate that even though its quite obvious as to how she compiled her info, that some facts were STILL wrong, written with a slant for originality I presume, and that anyone really wanting to know about Fleetwood Mac pretty much wasted their money.(we won't mention anything about getting a book deal in the first place.)

Simply awful...
Review written by DW, August 30th, 2005

No new interviews; no new or even interesting pictures; no insights on anyone or anything; lots of old quotes taken way out of context; lots of mistakes; major events and huge periods of time glossed over or skipped entirely. And then it really goes downhill. The author would appear to be a Stevie fan of sorts offering a bit more depth and sympathetic views on everything Stevie, but is otherwise judgmental, condescending, shallow, and superficial in her coverage of the rest. In the absense of quotes from the subjects to support her point of view, the author either ignores them (i.e., John), or simply attributes to them (i.e., Lindsey, Mick, Christine) the unflattering personality traits she wants them to have so as not to get in the way of the story she wants to tell --- a largely one-sided affair in which Nicks is everyone's victim (including her own), and the rest of the band are cold, selfish, horny, green monsters without souls who don't believe in Santa Claus. I'm so sorry I wasted the money. Go find the old articles and interviews and read them. It'll be a much more even-handed, accurate and interesting way to learn about Fleetwood Mac. This band and each of its members deserves so much more than this. Simply awful...

Fuhrman's Biography old news
Review written by Lisa Scott, August 30th, 2005

Leah Fuhrman's "Rumours Exposed" provides a basic history of Fleetwood Mac from their formation up to the time of The Dance Reunion show. The author relies on previously printed/broadcast material from major sources, such as Rolling Stone, People magazine, and VH1 BTM. The author's style is easily readable and she does draw a few interesting conclusions concerning personalities and group/couple dynamics. If you have followed the career of FM you will find it to be simply a compilation of things you have read in the past. A new fan, who has not already done much reading on FM, may find it to be a convenient way to review the large volume of previously published material. There was however, no original or extensive research used for the book, no interviews, no deep digging into more obscure print material, radio interviews, ect. So if readers begin expecting some deeper insights, new information, or different perspective they are sure to be disappointed.

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