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The Penguin Discography: Tears Are Not Enough

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Tears Are Not Enough
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David Foster, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance, Rachel Paiement, Bob (Robert Jens) Rock, Paul Hyde

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Date Performance 1985-02-10
Running Time 4:23
Performers Bryan Adams (Vocals), Carroll Baker (Vocals), Véronique Béliveau (Vocals), Salome Bey (Vocals), Liona Boyd (Vocals), John Candy (Vocals), Robert Charlebois (Vocals), Tom Cochrane (Vocals), Bruce Cockburn (Vocals), Burton Cummings (Vocals), Lisa Dal Bello/Dalbello (Vocals), Gordon Deppe (Vocals), Claude Dubois (Vocals), Robin Duke (Vocals), Donny/Donnie Gerrard/Garrard (Vocals), Brian Good (Vocals), Corey Hart (Vocals), Ronnie Hawkins (Vocals), Dan(iel) Grafton Hill (Vocals), Mark Holmes (Vocals), Tommy Hunter (Vocals), Paul Hyde (Vocals), Martha Johnson (Vocals), Marc Jordan (Vocals), Eugene Levy (Vocals), Gordon Lightfoot (Vocals), Andy Kim (Baron Longfellow) (Vocals), Richard Manuel (Vocals), Murray McLauchlan (Vocals), Frank Mills (Vocals), Geddy Lee (Gary Weinrib) (Vocals), Kim Mitchell (Vocals), Joni Mitchell (Vocals), Anne Murray (Vocals), Bruce Murray (Vocals), Aldo Nova (Caporuscio) (Vocals), Catherine O'Hara (Vocals), Oscar Peterson (Vocals), Colina Phillips (Vocals), Carole Pope (Vocals), Mike Reno (Vocals), Lorraine Segato (Vocals), Paul Shaffer (Vocals), Graham Shaw (Vocals), Leroy Sibbles (Vocals), Jane Siberry (Issa) (Vocals), Liberty Silver (Vocals), Wayne St. John (Vocals), Ian (Campbell) Thomas (Vocals), Sylvia Tyson (Vocals), Sharon Lee Williams (Vocals), Neil (Percival) Young (Joe Yankee) (Vocals), Alfie Zappacosta (Vocals), David Foster (Keyboards), Jim Vallance (Drums), Paul Dean (Guitar), David Sinclair (Acoustic Guitar), Steven Denroche (French Horn), Doug Johnson (Synthesizer), David Foster (Produced By), Jim Vallance (Associate Producer), Bruce Allen (Executive Producer), Lou Blair (Executive Producer), Hayward Parrott (Engineered (Toronto) By), Bob (Robert Jens) Rock (Engineered (Vancouver) By)
Commentsby Northern Lights. Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto and Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver. (P) 1985 Northern Lights for Africa Society
Appears On
We Are The World (0000)
Various Artists

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Music by David Foster. Lyrics by Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance. French lyrics by Rachel Paiement. (C) 1985 Foster Frees Music, Inc. (BMI)/Adams Communications, Inc. (BMI)/Calypso Toonz (PROC)/Irving Music, Inc. (BMI) The title "Tears Are Not Enough" was borrowed from another unrecorded, unrelated composition by Bob Rock and Paul Hyde of the canadian band Payola$. For donating the title, Rock and Hyde are credited as co-writers.

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