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Will The Circle Be Unbroken
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A(lvin) P(leasant) (Delaney) Carter

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Date Performance 2002-06-00
Running Time 6:07
Performers Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck (Guitar)
Commentsby Jeff Beck with The Kingdom Choir
Appears On
From Clarksdale To Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker (2002)
Various Artists

    Lyrics »

There are loved ones in the glory
Whose dear forms you often miss

When you close your earthly story
Will you join them in their bliss

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by Lord by and by
In a better home awaiting
In the sky Lord in the sky

In the joyous days of childhood
Off they told of wondrous love

Pointed to the dying Savior
Now they dwell with Him above


You can picture happy gath'rings
Round the fireside long a go

And you think of tearful partings
When they left you here below


One by one their seats were emptied
One by one they went away

Now the family is parted
Will it be complete one day


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Performance #1:
Date Performance 1971-00-00
Running Time 2:42
Performers Bonnie Bramlett (Vocals), Delaney Bramlett (Vocals), Duane Allman (Musician), Ben Benay (Musician), Iva Lazone Bramlett (Mamo) (Musician), Ken(ny) Gradney (Musician), John Hartford (Musician), Eddie James (Musician), Jim Keltner (Musician), Sandy Konikoff (Musician), Dave Mason (Musician), Gram Parsons (Musician), Carl Radle (Musician), Leon Russell (Claude Bridges) (Musician), Bobby Whitlock (Musician), Jay York (Musician)
CommentsTrad. Arr.: Bramlett
Appears On
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Delaney & Bonnie
Motel Shot (1971)
Delaney & Bonnie
Performance #2:
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Running Time 1:30
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Comments(by everyone)
Appears On
A Celebration (1981)
Various Artists

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(C) 1971 Delbon Publishing Co. & Cotillion Music, Inc. Reprinted by Permission.

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