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From Clarksdale To Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker (2002) - Various Artists

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Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck, Gary Brooker, Jack Bruce (John Symon Asher), Randy California (Craig Wolfe), (Dave) Clem Clempson, Vince Converse, Roger Cotton, Andy Fairweather-Low(e), Gary Brooker/Andy Fairweather-Low, Peter Green, Ken(ny) Greene, Greggs Eggs, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dick Heckstall-Smith, John Lee Hooker, Zakiya Hooker, Jack Bruce/Gary Moore, John Lee Hooker/Booker T/Randy California, Jonnie Johnson, Booker T(om) Jones(, Jr.), Ric(hard) Lee, LLC, Leo (David William) Lyon(e)s, T(ony) S. McPhee, T(ony) S. McPhee, Mick Taylor & Max Middleton, (David) Max(well) Middleton, (Robert William) Gary Moore, Bobby Murray, Peter Green Splinter Group, Pete(r) Stroud, T.S. McPhee/Dick Heckstall-Smith, T.S. McPhee/Dick Heckstall-Smith/Clem Clempson, Mick Taylor, Larry Tolfree, Nigel (J.) Watson, Chris Wilson, Zakiya Hooker/Jonnie Johnson/Bobby Murray

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I Want To Hug You
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 4:03
  Comments: by Zakiya Hooker/Jonnie Johnson/Bobby Murray
I'm In The Mood
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 6:18
  Comments: by Jack Bruce/Gary Moore
I'm Bad Like Jesse James
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 7:06
  Comments: by LLC (Leo Lyones, Ric Lee, Vince Converse). Billed as "Bad Like Jesse James".
Will The Circle Be UnbrokenLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 6:07
  Comments: by Jeff Beck with The Kingdom Choir
Baby Lee
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 4:47
  Comments: by Gary Brooker/Andy Fairweather-Low
Ground Hog Blues
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 5:43
  Comments: by T.S. McPhee/Dick Heckstall-Smith
This Is Hip
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 3:50
  Comments: by Mick Taylor/Max Middleton
Crawlin' King SnakeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:40
I'm Leavin'
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 5:24
  Comments: by T.S. McPhee/Dick Heckstall-Smith/Clem Clempson
Little Wheel
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 5:34
  Comments: by Gary Brooker/Andy Fairweather-Low
The Business
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 4:35
  Comments: by Greggs Eggs
Hobo Blues
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 5:51
  Comments: by Jeff Beck
It Serves Me Right To Suffer
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 6:24
  Comments: by Gary Moore/Jack Bruce. Billed as "Serve Me Right To Suffer".
Red House
  Date Performance: 1989-03-20, Running Time: 4:56
  Comments: by John Lee Hooker/Booker T/Randy California
    Guest Appearances »

Jeff Allen, Richard Bailey, Michael Bailey, Tony Cook, David Daniel, Bruce Gary, Earl Green, David/Dave Hadley, Gary Husband, Godfrey MacLean, Dave Moore, Matt Pegg, Henry Spinetti, The Kingdom Choir

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Robert Iriartborde (Engineer), Mark Lin(n)et(t)(e) (Engineer), Ben Matthews (Engineer), Matthew Ol(l)iv(i)er (Engineer), Billy Oskay (Engineer), Kirk Yano (Engineer), Bruce Gary (Producer), Ken(ny) Greene (Producer), Ken(ny) Greene (Producer), Greggs Eggs (Producer), Leo (David William) Lyon(e)s (Producer), Leo (David William) Lyon(e)s (Producer), Chris Wilson (Producer), Chris Wilson (Producer), Kirk Yano (Producer), Greg Anton (Songwriter), Bernard Besman (Songwriter), James C. Bracken (Songwriter), Big Bill Broonzy (William Lee Conley) (Songwriter), A(lvin) P(leasant) (Delaney) Carter (Songwriter), Jimi Hendrix (Songwriter), John Lee Hooker (Songwriter), Robert Hunter (Songwriter), Sam Ling (Saul Samuel Bihari) (Songwriter), Percy Mayfield (Songwriter), Tom Carr (Mixing), Billy Oskay (Mixing), Kirk Yano (Mixing), Vinny Cimino (Art Direction), Jim Kozlowski (Art Direction), Vinny Cimino (Design), Andrew Thompson (Mastering), Arnie Goodman (Executive Producer), Arnie Goodman (Liner Notes), John Lee Hooker (Arranger), John Lee Hooker (Arranger), Vinny Cimino (Layout Design), Roger Cotton (Produced By), Roger Cotton (Produced By), Peter Green (Produced By), Peter Green (Produced By), Peter Green Splinter Group (Produced By), Pete(r) Stroud (Produced By), Pete(r) Stroud (Produced By), Larry Tolfree (Produced By), Larry Tolfree (Produced By), Nigel (J.) Watson (Produced By), Nigel (J.) Watson (Produced By), Jim Quinn (Production Coordination), Stuart Brinin (Cover Photo), Michael Moya (Cover Photo), Jim Kozlowski (Project Manager)

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Red Ink/Eagle/Blue Storm

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WK 23629

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