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Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Jim Gordon

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Date Performance 1970-10-01
Running Time 7:07
Performers Duane Allman (Arranged By), Duane Allman (Guitar), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Guitar), Jim Gordon (Drums), Carl Radle (Bass), Jim Gordon (Piano), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Vocals), Bobby Whitlock (Organ), Bobby Whitlock (Piano), Bobby Whitlock (Vocals), Duane Allman (Produced By), Derek And The Dominos (Produced By), Derek And The Dominos (Arranged By), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Produced By), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Arranged By), Jim Gordon (Produced By), Jim Gordon (Arranged By), Carl Radle (Produced By), Carl Radle (Arranged By), Bobby Whitlock (Produced By), Bobby Whitlock (Arranged By), Tom Dowd (Executive Producer), John Jansen (Remixed By)
Commentsby Derek & The Dominos. Recorded at Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida, September 9, 1970 and October 1, 1970. From LAYLA AND OTHER ASSORTED LOVE SONGS, released December 1970. Remixed at House of Music, New Jersey, October 1987. (P) Polygram International Music B.V.
Appears On
Atlantic Records 50 Years: Gold Anniversary Collection (1998)
Various Artists
History Of Eric Clapton (1972)
Eric (Patrick) Clapton
Crossroads (1988)
Eric (Patrick) Clapton

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Date Performance 1992-00-00
Running Time 4:46
Performers Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Vocals)
Comments(Unplugged) by Eric Clapton
Appears On
The All Time Greatest Rock Songs Of The 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, Volume 2 (1998)
Various Artists

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