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Tusk: Fleetwood Mac In Concert (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
The hypnotic riff of "Bare Trees"
Review written by Lance Walker from Charlotte ,North Carolina, February 10th, 2007

The tune really is about Danny Kirwan. This piece starts off as an instrumental riff punctuated by a haunting vocal by the same man who plays lead guitar. If you're familiar with the tunes of "Jeweled-Eyed Judy" or "Station Man" then you know what I mean. It is a unique sound made by a combination of a great lead and a great bass. If you're into meaning in the verse of this song-look elsewhere. This is really Danny shinning at what he did best. I say did because it is really sad what happened and what is still going on in his life. This metor burned very brightly before burning out all too quickly.