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The Penguin Discography: I Believe In Jesus

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I Believe In Jesus
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Jeremy Spencer

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Date Performance 1972-00-00
Running Time 2:26
Performers Jeremy Spencer (Vocals), Jeremy Spencer (Slide Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Piano), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Lead Guitar), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Flute), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Sitar), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Bass), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Vocals), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Recorder), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Drums), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Tablas), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Conga), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Tympani), Cheryl Kugler (Moriah) (Vocals), Cheryl Kugler (Moriah) (Tambourines), David (Michael) Senek (Vocals), David (Michael) Senek (Rhythm Guitar), David (Michael) Senek (Harmonica)
Appears On
Jeremy Spencer And The Children (1972)
Jeremy Spencer

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This old world was just getting me down
I couldnít give, I had nothing to give
Not a word ever lifted the frown
In fact I had no reason to live
Now I know, I want to show
I believe in Jesus

Almost all of the time I was searching my mind
For an answer to things that I see
My life had gone by and I didnít know why
So many things had happened to me
Then I found out
I didnít know what it was all about mm, mm

I ainít ashamed of a thing that Iím saying
I canít help it Ďcos I know itís the truth
Itís all in his name you can ask for the same
Why else should I be singing this song to you
When all you do mm mm is believe in Jesus
All you do is believe in Jesus, believe in Jesus
Just believe in Jesus

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