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The Penguin Discography: Beauty For Ashes

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Beauty For Ashes
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Jeremy Spencer, David (Michael) Senek

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Date Performance 1972-00-00
Running Time 2:59
Performers Jeremy Spencer (Vocals), Jeremy Spencer (Slide Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Piano), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Lead Guitar), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Flute), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Sitar), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Bass), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Vocals), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Recorder), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Drums), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Tablas), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Conga), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Tympani), Cheryl Kugler (Moriah) (Vocals), Cheryl Kugler (Moriah) (Tambourines), David (Michael) Senek (Vocals), David (Michael) Senek (Rhythm Guitar), David (Michael) Senek (Harmonica)
Appears On
Jeremy Spencer And The Children (1972)
Jeremy Spencer

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My heart beats so fast whenever Iím with you
And when I look into your eyes
This must be the last night Iíll spend with you
Forgive me for making you cry

I used to think I was really something
I really thought I was so cool
Thinking that you were the only one
That ever needed this love
But oh how I need you

Beauty for ashes, joy for sorrow
The sweetest of songs must come from this pain
Weíll see as the night passes,
Our love only grows
When itís given to be returned again

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