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The Penguin Discography: The World In Her Heart

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The World In Her Heart
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Jeremy Spencer

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Doesn’t anybody want her?
Doesn’t anybody care?
Has anyone got what she really needs
Who knows what’s missing there?
“I really love you” she hears them say
But they just don’t want to know
How can they understand?
They only see the wrong she’s done
And refuse to take her hand

All of her life in bondage
To the world in her heart
That’s tearing her apart

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Performance #1:
Running Time 3:15
Performers Jeremy Spencer (Vocals), Jeremy Spencer (Slide Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Piano), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Lead Guitar), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Flute), Gregory Morton (Phil Ham) (Sitar), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Bass), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Vocals), Paul Sarran (Boaz) (Recorder), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Drums), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Tablas), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Conga), Skip Whalen (Ginnethon) (Tympani), Cheryl Kugler (Moriah) (Vocals), Cheryl Kugler (Moriah) (Tambourines), David (Michael) Senek (Vocals), David (Michael) Senek (Rhythm Guitar), David (Michael) Senek (Harmonica)
Appears On
Jeremy Spencer And The Children (1972)
Jeremy Spencer
Can You Hear The Song/The World In Her Heart (0000)
Jeremy Spencer

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