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The Penguin Discography: When Love Disappears

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When Love Disappears
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Robbie Patton, David Adelstein

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Date Performance 1981-00-00
Running Time 5:07
Performers Robbie Patton (Lead Vocals), Robbie Patton (Background Vocals), Robbie Patton (Keyboards), David Adelstein (Keyboards), David Adelstein (Synthesizers), David Adelstein (Background Vocals), Colin Allen (Drums), Colin Allen (Percussion), Lindsey Buckingham (Guitars), Jon Clarke (Sax), Jon Clarke (Oboe), Jon Clarke (Piano), Ernie Erhardt (Cello), Christine McVie (Keyboards), Christine McVie (Background Vocals), Tony Selvage/Salvage (Violin), Tony Selvage/Salvage (Viola), Robin Sylvester (Bass), Robin Sylvester (Background Vocals), Bob Welch (Background Vocals), Tim Weston (Guitars), Bob Weston (Guitars)
Appears On
Distant Shores (0000)
Robbie Patton

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Worn out, deep in doubtbut you've got to carry on
Still die every night, won't admit that she is gone
There's a voice inside saying what you gonna do
If she's gone for good, what's to be come of you?

In time you will find love again that's what they say
Who knows when it goes, if it's gone too far away
There's that voice again, you know where you wanna be
If she's gone for good, why couldn't she wait for me?

And you can do anything you want
And you can try getting near
But you won't find her anywhere
When love disappears

Oh babe
When love's disappeared

Morning's calling, face it, try to forget
There's time to lose your mind but don't you dare lose it yet
There's that voice again, don't let love swallow you
If she's gone for good, well she didn't get all of you


Nobody get's the blame
You just gotta go through change
You never dreamed it could end
But face it, instead of getting hurt again


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