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The Penguin Discography: Too Far From Texas

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Too Far From Texas
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Steve Booker, Sandy Stewart

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There's a plane, it's headed for London
Twenty-four hours more and he'll be on it
And I can't show my love, and I can't stop it
Ooh, I can't stop it

There's a house there, somebody's waiting
Somebody else's arms will wrap around him
And in that moment what will he think then...
When I can't touch him

Maybe my love could fly over the ocean
Maybe my heart should try to leave him alone
All that I really know is that he's goin'
Too far from Texas
Too close to home

In a room just outside of Houston
That's where I spend my nights trying to get through to him
He says he's comin' back in every letter...
But he might never


Does he know how long
I've waited for this love to come
Does he know I'm holdin' on
And that won't change no matter where he's gone


Couldn't I, couldn't I wait
Couldn't he, couldn't he stay one more day

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Running Time 3:49
Performers Stevie Nicks (Produced By), Sheryl Crow (Produced By), Mike/Michael Campbell (Produced By), Don Smith (Engineered By), Steve Ferrone (Drums), Sheryl Crow (Bass), Waddy (Robert) Wachtel (Guitars), Mike/Michael Campbell (Guitars), Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III) (Hammond B3 Organ), Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III) (Chamberlain), Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III) (Piano), Stevie Nicks (Tambourine), Natalie Maines (Vocals), Stevie Nicks (Vocals)
Comments(Duet w/Natalie Maines)
Appears On
Trouble In Shangri-La (2001)
Stevie Nicks

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Lyrics contributed by Luke Arnott.