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The Penguin Discography: Man Overboard

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Man Overboard
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Bob Welch, (John) Carter

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Too much too soon, sure was sweet
Foreign cars soft leather seats
Foreign prices can't compete
We can't go back, were in too deep

Man overboard
For rich or poor
They all want more
We've gone too far, man overboard

Man overboard
You can't ignore
It's so hard core
We've gone too far, man overboard

Man get laid off, he can't eat, Vietnam Vet., he can't sleep
Big Rolls Royce drivin' down the street two sexy blodes in the back seat !

Man Overboard
When it rains, it pours
I vote against
I don't vote for
We've gone too far, man overboard

Man overboard
No he can't afford
You've got enough
But we want more
He's gone to far, man overboard

I'm bored over everything I read
I'm bored over everything on T.V.
I'm bored over you
I'm bored over me
I'm overboard
Way overboard
Man overboard !

Man overboard
I'm falling overboard
We'll I'm so bored
They've gone too far, man overboard

Man overboard

It's all their fault
I've think I gone too far, man overboard

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Performance #1:
Running Time 4:42
Performers Bob Welch (Vocals), Bob Welch (Guitar), Bob Welch (Synthesizer Guitar), David Adelstein (Keyboards), David Adelstein (Synthesizer), Donny Francisco (Harmony), Donny Francisco (Backing Vocals), Alvin Taylor (Drums), Marty Jourard (Piano), (John) Carter (Produced By)
Appears On
Man Overboard (0000)
Bob Welch
The Best Of Bob Welch (0000)
Bob Welch
The Other One/Man Overboard (1998)
Bob Welch

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130dB Music/Glenwood Music Corp/Cigar Music

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Lyrics contributed by K. E. Gil C.Ht.