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The Penguin Discography: When The Saints Go Marching In

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When The Saints Go Marching In
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Katherine E. (Nash) Purvis, James M(ilton) Black

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Date Performance 2005-00-00
Running Time 4:53
Performers Kirk Whalum (Soprano Saxophone), Kirk Whalum (Mardi Gras Crowd), Rod McGaha (Trumpet), Roy Agee (Trombone), Kyle Whalum (Electric Bass), Kyle Whalum (Mardi Gras Crowd), Kyle Eastwood (Upright Bass), Wayman Tisdale (Piccolo Bass), Mike Caputy (Drums), Pat Burgeson (Bass Harmonica), Rick Jackson (Piano), Rick Jackson (Mardi Gras Crowd), Coolio (Artis Leon Ivey, Jr.) (Rap), CZ (Curtis Zachary) (Rap Chorus), Kevin Whalum (Mardi Gras Crowd), Bill Elder (Mardi Gras Crowd), Bryan Lenox (Mardi Gras Crowd), Kirk Whalum (Producer), Kirk Whalum (Arranged By), Hymen Katz (Executive Producer), Bryan Lenox (Tracking Engineer), Bryan Lenox (Mix Engineer), Hal Sacks (Additional Engineering), Jared Bryans (Additional Engineering), Jared Bryans (Protools Engineering), Jason Stilwell (Additional Engineering), Julian Jackson (Additional Engineering), Jonathan Crone (Assistant Engineer), Ian Suddarth (Assistant Engineer)
Commentsby Kirk Whalum with special guests Coolio, CZ, Kyle Eastwood, Kyle Whalum, Rod McGaha & Wayman Tisdale. Lyrics changed, track billed as 'When The Saints Go Marching Back In", writing credit given to Coolio (Artis Leon Ivey, Jr.) & CZ (Curtis Zachary). Tracking & Mix on Nuendo at The Cabin, Peytonsville, TN. Studios: Dark Horse, The Playground, Yo Soy (all in Franklin, TN); The Bassmint, Calabasas, CA; Glenwood Place Studios, Burbank, CA; Jam Shack Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Appears On
Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now (2005)
Various Artists

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Date Performance 2005-09-20
Running Time 6:28
Performers Aaron (Joseph) Neville (Vocals), Art(hur) (Lannon) Neville (Vocals), Art(hur) (Lannon) Neville (B3), Charles (Barrow) Neville (Saxophone), Cyril (Garrett) Neville (Vocals), Cyril (Garrett) Neville (Percussion), Ian Neville (Guitar), Ivan Neville (Vocals), Ivan Neville (Keyboards), Leo Nocentelli (Vocals), Leo Nocentelli (Guitar), George Porter(, Jr.) (Bass), Joe (Joseph Zigaboo/Ziggy) Modeliste (Drums), Makuni Fukuda (Guitar), Nick Daniels (Bass), Nick Daniels (Vocals), Willie Green(, III) (Drums), Shamarr Allen (Trumpet), Stafford Agee (Trombone), Vincent Broussard (Saxophone), Philip Frazier (Tuba), Keith Frazier (Bass Drum), Derrick Shezbie (Trumpet), Herbert Stevens (Trombone), Derrick Tabb (Drums), Revert Andrews (Trombone), Gregory Davis (Trumpet), Michael Foster (Sousaphone), Kevin Harris (Tenor Saxophone), Terence Higgins (Drums), Roger Lewis (Saxophone), James (Jamie) McLean (Guitar), Efrem Towns (Flugelhorn), The Dixie Cups (Vocals), Barbara Ann Hawkins (Vocals), Rosa Lee Hawkins (Vocals), Athelgra Gabriel (Vocals), Kermit Ruffins (Trumpet), Dave Bartholomew (Trombone), Troy Andrews (Trombone), Ed Bradley (Vocals), Jimmy (James William) Buffett (Vocals)
Commentsby The Neville Brothers, The Meters & Guests
Appears On
From The Big Apple To The Big Easy: The Concert For New Orleans (2006)
Various Artists

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