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The Penguin Discography: Wonderful Dream

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Wonderful Dream
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James (Robert Duncan) Wood

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Where do we go from here?
Tomorrow is all but clear
Yesterday has slipped away
Across the universe to another day
So i'll say

What shall we do from now on?
A day in the life may shine on
Like a diamond in the sky it gleams
Imagine all the stars are filled with dreams
So it seems

Wonderful dream, wonderful dream
Flying so high above
You and I, we can fly

Where would we be if they'd gone?
What could we sing without a song?
There's a fool upon a hill who says
Hello, goodbye and smiles up to the sky
So let's fly

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Running Time 4:56
Performers James (Robert Duncan) Wood (Bass), James (Robert Duncan) Wood (Acoustic Guitar), James (Robert Duncan) Wood (Back Vocals), Billy (William Everett) Preston (Vasilisa) (Hammond Organ), Claude Samard (Slide Guitar), Claude Samard (Acoustic Guitar), Claude Samard (Electric Guitar), Claude Samard (Banjo), Claude Samard (Dobro), Claude Samard (Mandoline), Claude Samard (Pedal Steel), Basile Leroux (Slide Guitar), Basile Leroux (Acoustic Guitar), Basile Leroux (Electric Guitar), Lee Holdridge (Conducted By), Adam Simon (Produced By), Alan Simon (Composed By), Alan Simon (Arranged By)
Commentsby James Wood. Alan Simon: Nantes: If the Beatles had known him then, James Wood would have been the fifth member, that's for sure! He wrote this irresistible song so I can talk about it more easily. It's a journey into the imagination. All that we love, all that we dream does not disappear but is held by the stars. If only we could fly together and reach them...I really enjoyed producing this track. Along with Billy Preston, Claude Samard, Basile Leroux and Lee Holdridge...we certainly flew!
Appears On
Gaia (2003)
Alan Simon

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Published by EMI Music Publishing Germany for Europe only

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