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The Penguin Discography: Spailpin A Ruin

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Spailpin A Ruin
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A Spailpín, a rún, dé bheathasa chugainn,
Nó cá ’s bhainis an Fómhar chomh luath seo?
Dá mbeadh fhior agam fhéin cá rabhais aréir
Ba ghairid liom do bhéal a phógadh!
A chaile buí crón, níor mhilis liom do phóg,
Is ní ghlacfainn céad bó mar spré leat!
Ach go mb’ fhearr liomsa póg ó chailín beag óg
Ná a bhfuil agat ar bhord an tslé’ amuigh.

A Spailpín, a stór, fan socair go fóill,
Go bhfaigheadsa mo chaidhp ’s mo chlóca,
Mo bhróga sál bata agus búclaí an fhaisiúin,
Is go deimhin duit go mbogfad an ród leat.
Ó do rachainn leat go Caiseal is go Cluain geal Meala
Is go Carraig na Siúire thar m’eolas
Is go brách fad mhairfead, ní fhillead ar abhaile
Is is cuma cé bhainfidh an eorna.

O Spailpín, my dear, God welcome you here!
And where reaped you the harvest this early?
If only I knew last night where were you,
I’d have speeded to warmly embrace you.
O Yellow Brown Crone, your caress I’d not own
With a hundred fine heifers as dowry.
And I rather a kiss from a winsome young lass
Than all of your herd on the mountain.

O Spailpín, a stór, don’t move yet a while,
Until I get my cape and my cloak on.
My wooden-heeled shoes, with buckles in style,
And I vow with you the road I will go on.
I’d go with you to Cashel or delightful Cluan Meala,
Or to Carrick-on-Suir, or farther
And, be life short or long, I will never come home
And what matter who harvests the barley!

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Running Time 3:03
Performers Cillian Vallely (Uilleann Pipes), Lee Holdridge (Conducted By), Alan Simon (Produced By), Alan Simon (Composed By), Alan Simon (Arranged By)
Commentsby Cillian Vallely (& The Philharmonic Orchestra Of Prague). Alan Simon: "Spailpin A Ruin" is a very old traditional tune, which evokes the infinite and sweeps us along the paths of the world. Beyond the horizon, behind the sun, behind the moon, there, each of us shall find an answer but we must not linger on the way, stuck between dreams! Cillian Vallely knows this only too well and he is already en route.
Appears On
Gaia (2003)
Alan Simon

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Traditional. Published by EMI Music Publishing Germany for Europe only

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