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The Penguin Discography: Edjin Duun

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Edjin Duun
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Vladimir Karouev

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Kiiteune boulgine ouncnaseu
Kiliane Oukhrarate Soolav

Kiriane Oukrarate sooreune
Kilmichta edjem sanagodna

Gashoune boulghine oucnaseu
Garane oukhrarate sooreune

Garane oukhrarate sooureune
Galkhratseune Eedjem sanagodna

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Running Time 2:19
Performers Okna Tsahan Zam (Vocals), Alan Simon (Produced By), Alan Simon (Composed By), Alan Simon (Arranged By)
Commentsby Okna Tsahan Zam. Alan Simon: When I first met this giant from the Kalmouke lands, I must admit to being scared stiff. He is as imposing as the image we have of his illustrious ancestor, Gengis Khan. But when Okna Tsahan Zam performed "Edjin Duun", I heard, in his lament, the sorrow of the Earth, the tale of a mother and the song of distant stars. Listen carefully and you will realize that the great Okna is a man who fulfils his dreams.
Appears On
Gaia (2003)
Alan Simon

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Published by EMI Music Publishing Germany for Europe only

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