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The Penguin Discography: The Lost Horizon

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The Lost Horizon
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Alan Simon, Olivier (Jean Marie Pau) Rousseau

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Running Time 3:50
Performers Jane (Mallory) Birkin(g) (Vocals), Jean Reno (Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez) (Vocals), Olivier (Jean Marie Pau) Rousseau (Piano Grand Orgue De La Basilique St-Ls), Lee Holdridge (Arranged By), Lee Holdridge (Conducted By), Alan Simon (Produced By), Alan Simon (Conducted By), Olivier (Jean Marie Pau) Rousseau (Piano Arrangement By)
Commentsby Jane Birkin, Jean Reno & Olivier Rousseau with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Alan Simon: Studio Arpege, Nantes, France: The tapes were rolling as Olivier Rousseau placed his magical fingers on the keyboard of the grand piano. We were recording an instrumental variation of 'Peace on Earth'. Some time later I listened to the track with Lee Holdridge in Los Angeles and we both loved it. He got to work straight away and wrote what I can only describe as a symphonic rainbow. With tremendous sensitivity, Jane 8irkin added the text at the beginning of the track and then I jotted down a few words for the talented Mr Jean Reno: Fly, my son, fly! In your race toward the sun, catch these stars which make the world greater. Yes, Jean, you say it so well...
Appears On
Gaia (2003)
Alan Simon

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Published by EMI Music Publishing Germany for Europe only

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