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The Penguin Discography: Maria De Santiago

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Maria De Santiago
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Jeremy Spencer

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Performance #1:
Running Time 3:55
Performers Jeremy Spencer (Vocals), Jeremy Spencer (Harmony Vocals), Jeremy Spencer (Slide Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Resonator), Trond Ytterbø (Harmonica), Trond Ytterbø (Mandolin), Trond Ytterbø (Harmony Vocals), Rune Endal (Fender Bass), Rune Endal (Upright Bass), Runar Boyesen (Keyboards), Anders Viken (Drums), Anders Viken (Percussion), Espen Liland (Guitar), Svenn Åge Frydenberg (Trumpet), Leif Winther (Saxophone), Marianne Tovsrud Knutsen (Harmony Vocals), Margit Bakken (Harmony Vocals)
Appears On
Precious Little (0000)
Jeremy Spencer
Performance #2:
Running Time 2:45
Performers Jeremy Spencer (Slide Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Electric Guitar), Mick Fleetwood (Drums), Steve (Patrick) Shehan (Percussions Du Monde), Alan Simon (World Flutes), Alan Simon (Produced By), Alan Simon (Composed By), Alan Simon (Arranged By)
Commentsby Mick Fleetwood & Jeremy Spencer from (the) Original Fleetwood Mac. Alan Simon: Nantes: Thirty years ago a famous albatross soared in to the was the original Fleetwood Mac enchanting us across the airwaves. Jeremy Spencer, archangel of the slide guitar and Mick Fleetwood, master of rhythm joined us in Nantes to record the charming "Maria De Santiago". Steve Shehan put down some Latin percussion and I completed the voyage with the South American flute, which opens Jeremy Spencer's little chef-d'oevre.
Appears On
Gaia (2003)
Alan Simon

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Published by EMI Music Publishing Germany for Europe only

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