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The Penguin Discography: My Babe

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My Babe
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Willie Dixon

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Performance #1:
Date Performance 1969-04-15
Performers Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett (Vocal), Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett (Harmonica), Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett (Guitar), Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett (Bass Drum), Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett (Hi-Hat), Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett (Produced By), Mike Vernon (Produced By), Blue Horizon (Records) (Production), Mike Hankinson (Mobile Engineer), Peter Sarner (Mobile Engineer), Mike FitzHenry (Editing), Mike FitzHenry (Additional Engineering)
CommentsPart 1 of the "My Babe/She's My Baby" track. Total running time of track is 6:14 Recorded at The Angel, Godalming, Surrey. Mobile Engineers for Vista Productions.
Appears On
The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (2005)
Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett
Bright Lights (0000)
Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett
Performance #2:
Running Time 4:09
Performers Rudy Rotta (Vocals), Rudy Rotta (Guitar), John Mayall (Harmonica), John Mayall (Keyboards), Hank Van Sickle (Bass), Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele (Drums), Michael Aarvold (Sound Engineer), Michael Aarvold (Mixing)
CommentsRecorded at Castle Oaks Studios, Los Angeles. Mixing at J+P Studios.
Appears On
Some Of My Favorite Songs For... (2004)
Rudy Rotta

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