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The Penguin Discography: I Don't Like Anyone

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I Don't Like Anyone
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Martin Briley, Andy Marvel, Dana Calitri

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Suki says we're all down downtown
So what's my problem
I don't wanna socialize
Why don't they leave me alone
Bad boys, jealous girls
Been there, done that
I just wanna fantasize
A-ahh-ahh, a-ahh, ahh, ahh
Staring at the ceiling
Thinkin' about you
A-ahh-ahh, a-ahh, ahh, ahh
It's a freaky feeling
What can I do

I don't like anyone
The way I like you
I don't go anywhere
If you are not there too
It's not as if I'm hard to please
You're the only one good enough for me
Those others just won't do
I don't like anyone but you

They think I'm a little obsessed
Up here sending mental telepathy
I'm concentrating on you
I wanna give you everything
But if I do will you think less of me
Ahh ahh
Everybody else just wasting my time
Ahh ahh
Baby can't ya tell, we're two of a kind

(Repeat Chorus)

Staring at the ceiling thinking about you
It's a freaky feeling
What can I do

(Repeat Chorus)

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Running Time 4:00
Performers Jessica Andrews (Vocals), Lonnie Wilson (Drums), Glen(n) (A.) Worf (Bass), Mike Brignardello (Bass), Biff Watson (Acoustic Guitar), Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), B. James Low(e)ry (Electric Guitar), Mike/Michael Landau (Electric Guitar), Jerry M(a)cPherson (Electric Guitar), Paul Franklin (Steel Guitar), Paul Franklin (Dobro), Steve Nathan (Piano), Steve Nathan (Organ), Aubrey Haynie (Fiddle), Aubrey Haynie (Mandolin), Gene Miller (Background Vocals), Kim Parent (Background Vocals), Chris Rodriguez (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals)
Appears On
Who I Am (2001)
Jessica Andrews

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(C) 2000 Martin Briley Music; World Of Andy Music/Annotation Music, admin. by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP); Dana Calitri Music (BMI) Lyrics reprinted by permission.

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