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The Penguin Discography: Every Time

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Every Time
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Tia Sillers, Hillary Lindsey

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I laid the blanket there on the shoreline
And saw the water shine with the moon
What kind of fool would fail to notice
The best thing shining was you

Oh I laughed kinda nervous
I felt you move closer
And felt the world unwind
Once was a stranger not quite a lover
But steadily crossing the line

Carry me far away
Don't hold back, I won't break
Leave the ghosts behind
All I know wrong or right
Just the thought of this night
Will get me every time
Every time

Well, the voice in my head said what are you doing
I thought not listening to you
You see I'm taking a chance
I'm thinking 'bout flying
Over the blue

And it's crazy to be this out of practice
And have it all come so naturally
Don't you love knocking logic right off its axis
And watch it float far out to sea

(Repeat Chorus)

So, now here I am reading my fortune
In the winding lines of your hand
Oh and I see a lost unwanted orphan
Head right for the promise land
Carry me far away
I won't, I won't break

(Repeat Chorus)

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Running Time 4:04
Performers Jessica Andrews (Vocals), Lonnie Wilson (Drums), Glen(n) (A.) Worf (Bass), Mike Brignardello (Bass), Biff Watson (Acoustic Guitar), Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), B. James Low(e)ry (Electric Guitar), Mike/Michael Landau (Electric Guitar), Jerry M(a)cPherson (Electric Guitar), Paul Franklin (Steel Guitar), Paul Franklin (Dobro), Steve Nathan (Piano), Steve Nathan (Organ), Aubrey Haynie (Fiddle), Aubrey Haynie (Mandolin), Gene Miller (Background Vocals), Kim Parent (Background Vocals), Chris Rodriguez (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals)
Appears On
Who I Am (2001)
Jessica Andrews

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(C) 2000 Choice Is Tragic Music/Ensign Music Corporation (BMI); Famous Music Corporation (ASCAP) Lyrics reprinted by permission.

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