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The Penguin Discography: Out With A Bang

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Out With A Bang
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Taime Downe, Brent Muscat, Greg Steele

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I'm a stoned line flunky that didn't kiss your
Ask me questions, I didn't pass your test
I'm the poster boy for delinquent debauchery
I'm incognito, got my Al Capone sunglasses
The Babylon night crawler
With a prima donna on my wing
Gonna make some noise before I die
And shoot the bullet I loaded
Can't catch me if you tried, anyway
I'm gonna live with no remorse or sorrow
The devil made me do it and I'd do it again
Don't care if I slip into a grave tomorrow
Cause when I go out I'm going out with a bang
Freeze this is a stick up in your
Ask and thy shall receive a sentence
Life in confinement ain't a life for me
I ditched the police man
Still got my Smith & Wesson cuffs
That links me to the money
My head bone is connected to her lip bone
Dig it, I ain't your wallflower
Ain't your puppet, ain't no saint
Call me old fashioned
But I'll do ya on the first date
The devil made me do it and I'd do it again
I'm gonna go out with a bang
The devil made me do it and I'd do it again
I'm gonna go out with a bang

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Running Time 4:39
Performers Taime Downe (Vocals), Taime Downe (Background Vocals), Brent Muscat (Electric Guitars), Brent Muscat (Acoustic Guitars), Brent Muscat (Sitar), Brent Muscat (Background Vocals), Greg Steele (Electric Guitars), Greg Steele (Acoustic Guitars), Greg Steele (Keyboards), Greg Steele (Mandolin), Greg Steele (Background Vocals), Eric Stacy (Bass), Eric Stacy (Background Vocals), Brett Bradshaw (Drums), Brett Bradshaw (Percussion), Brett Bradshaw (Background Vocals), Eric Troyer (Add'l Background Vocals), Jimmy Z(avala)/Z(anala) (Downtown Horns (Sax)), Art(uro) Velasco (Downtown Horns (Trombone)), Dan(iel) Forne(t)ro (Downtown Horns (Trumpet)), Bekka Bramlett (Female Background Vocals), Lisa Reveen (Female Background Vocals), Stephanie Weiss (Female Background Vocals)
Appears On
Whipped! (1992)
Faster Pussycat

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Lyrics by Taime Downe. Music by Taime Downe, Brent Muscat & Greg Steele. All lyrics (C) 1992 Gypsy Fetish Music, ASCAP Used by permission.

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