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The Penguin Discography: Before You Hit The Ground

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Before You Hit The Ground
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Kevin Joseph Bowe, Jonny Lang

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I seen every one of the faces you wear
Low, high and everything in between
Your eyes are fixed on the prize like a dead man's stare
Tick. tock. The hands on the clock don't care

Buzz is good
Feelin' fine
One of these days
You'll be out of time
God ain't gonna look for you
Down in the lost and found
You better look up or you're gonna be gone
Before you hit the ground

You'll keep dippin' in til the well run dry
Hope you don't get thirsty later
I know talking to you's just a waste of my time
I'm gonna stop tellin' you how to live your life



One more. Time to score so make it fast
When you lose your mind you got no mind left to lose
Three, four open the door to your last chance
And when you get where you're goin' you won't be comin' back

You better look up or you're gonna be gone
Before you hit the ground

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Running Time 3:55
Performers Jonny Lang (Vocals), Jonny Lang (Guitar), Richard/Ri(t)chie Hayward (Drums), David (M.) Smith (Bass), Jack Holder (Guitars), Jack Holder (Keyboards), Steve(n) (Lee) (The Colonel) Cropper (Guitars), Bruce Bertness McCabe (Keyboards), Ricky Peterson (Keyboards), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), William Brown (Background Vocals), Jessica Boucher (Background Vocals)
Appears On
Wander This World (1998)
Jonny Lang

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