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The Penguin Discography: I Picked A San Antonio Rose

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I Picked A San Antonio Rose
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James Dean

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Date Performance 1996-09-28
Running Time 3:29
Performers Hank Thompson (Lead Vocal), Bekka Bramlett (Lead Vocal), David Briggs (Hammond B3 Organ), Larry Byrom/Byrum/Byron (Electric Lead Guitar), Billy Thomas (Drums), Buddy Mohmed (Electric Bass), Pete Wasner (Piano), Bobby Garrett (Steel Guitar), Thom Bresh (Electric Rhythm Guitar), Flaco (Leonardo) Jimenez (Diatonic Button Accordion), Bill Millet (Produced By), Bill Millet (Arranged By), Chuck Ainlay (Recorded By), Chuck Ainlay (Mixed By), Mark Ralston (2nd Engineer)
CommentsDuet with Bekka Bramlett (appears courtesy of Almo Sounds, Inc.) Recorded & mixed at Sound Emporium, Nashville. Track recorded Sept. 26, 1996 - 2PM. Vocals recorded Sept. 28, 1996 - 2PM. Overdubs recorded Dec. 18, 1996 - 2PM. Special thanks to: Almo Sounds-Garth Fundis, Juanita Duthie and Robin Zaremski, Avalon Entertainment-Karen Kane and Mark Oswald, Barbwire Productions and Jere Hall regarding Leonardo "Flaco" Jimenez. "Bekka Bramlett was recording in the studio at Sound Emporium while we were in the other room. She came into the control booth to listen while we were cutting 'I Picked A San Antonio Rose.' She got carried away with the rhythm and said 'I'd really like to sing on this number!' Bill Millet, our producer said, 'well, go in there in the booth with Hank...' I had never met Bekka and was not familiar with her work. However, when she started singing, I knew I had a winner. This charming young lady is the daughter of Delaney & Bonnie who also appear on this album." - Hank Thompson... July 1997
Appears On
Hank Thompson And Friends (1997)
Hank Thompson

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