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The Penguin Discography: What's It Gonna Be

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What's It Gonna Be
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Essra Mohawk (Sandra Elayne Hurvitz), Tim Drummond

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Got back trom Memphis
When I had to leave for New Orleans
I had to drop everything
Baby, can't we pick it up
Right where we left it, a beautiful dream
When we were floating downstream
Just you and me

What's It Gonna Be? (What's It Gonna Be?)
Where's it gonna end? (Where's it gonna end?)
Are we gonna break up?
Or are we on the mend?
Now you know I've heard it all
Heard it all from A to Z
You can tell me, I can take it, tell me now, hey
What's it gonna be

Don't make excuses
Don't set me up to set me free
Baby, don't lie to me
Why don't you give it up
Just like an apple falls from a tree
And let your love rain down on me


It wasn't my intention
To ever stop the flow
I never would've left you
If only I had known
Why can't you let bygones be gone
And welcome me home

Oh baby I need to know


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Running Time 3:26
Performers Rita Coolidge (Vocals), Tony Harrell (El Piano), Tony Harrell (Organ), Rick Vito (Electric Guitar), Vail Johnson (Bass), Steve Brewster (Drums), Arno Lucas (Percussion), Bekka Bramlett (BG Vocals), Tabitha Fair (BG Vocals), Michael Mellett (BG Vocals)
Appears On
Thinkin' About You (1998)
Rita Coolidge

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(C) 1996 Axial Music (ASCAP)/B-B-Q Shack Music (ASCAP)

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