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The Penguin Discography: I Held My Baby Last Night

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I Held My Baby Last Night
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Elmore James, Jules (Julius Jeramiah) Taub (Bihari)

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Date Performance 1968-04-00
Running Time 5:25
Performers Mick Fleetwood (Drums), Peter Green (Guitar), John McVie (Bass Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Lead Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Vocals)
Appears On
Live Early Recordings (1999)
Fleetwood Mac
London Live '68 (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
The Magic Collection (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
Live! (1999)
Fleetwood Mac

    Lyrics »

I held my baby last, until everything was allright
I held my baby last, until everything was allright
She woke up early in the morning, baby,
all she gonna do was fuss and fight

She said baby, baby, baby, baby please come back to me
Yes, now baby please come back to me
You know I love you baby,
and you know all your love is free

Now it's past ten in the morning, babe
and everyting is goin' on wrong
Yes, you know everything is goin' on wrong
You know I been with you so long baby, ah,
but now you thinkin' to* drive me away from home

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Performance #1:
Date Performance 1969-01-04
Running Time 5:16
Sound Clip Listen.
Performers Mike Vernon (Produced By), Marshall Chess (Produced By), Stu Black (Engineered By), Willie Dixon (Session Co-Ordination), Marshall Chess (Session Co-Ordination), Neil (The Curmudgeon) Slaven (Session Co-Ordination), Mike Vernon (Session Co-Ordination), Jeremy Spencer (Vocal), Jeremy Spencer (Guitar), J(ohn) T. Brown (Tenor Sax), Danny Kirwan (Guitar), Willie Dixon (Upright Bass), Mick Fleetwood (Drums)
CommentsRecorded at Chess Ter-Mar Studios, Chicago
Appears On
Fleetwood Mac In Chicago (1969)
Fleetwood Mac
The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions: 1967-1969 (1999)
Fleetwood Mac
Performance #2:
Date Performance 1967-08-15
Running Time 3:03
Performers Peter Green (Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Vocals), Jeremy Spencer (Guitar), Bob Brunning (Electric Bass), Mick Fleetwood (Drums)
Appears On
Live At The Marquee (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
Performance #3:
Running Time 4:08
Performers Danny Adler (Guitar), Danny Adler (Vocal), Bob Brunning (Bass), Bob (Robert) Hall (Piano), Dick Heckstall-Smith (Saxes), Mickey Waller (Drums)
Appears On
Deluxe Blues Band (0000)
De Luxe Blues Band

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BMG Music Publishing Ltd./Jewel Music Pub. Co./Powerforce Music Elmore recorded this in 1952

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