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The Penguin Discography: Let It Rain

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Let It Rain
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Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Bonnie Bramlett

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Performance #1:
Running Time 3:19
Performers Delaney Bramlett (Lead Vocals), Delaney Bramlett (Rhythm Guitars), David Raven (Drums), Bob Gross (Bass), Bob Gross (Background Vocals), Mark Karan (Lead Guitar), Mark Karan (Solos), Spooner Oldham (Piano), Chuck Findley (Horn Section), Steve Lawrence (Horn Section), Kim Carmel/Carmel Bramlett (Horn Section), Kim Carmel/Carmel Bramlett (Background Vocals), Claude Calliet (Horn Section), Tom Bray (Horn Section), Doug Lacy (Steel Drums), Jim Unfried (Steel Drums), Rick Geragi (Congas), Rick Geragi (Percussion), Jan Murphy (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Kelly McCall Fumo (Background Vocals), Jac(k) Murphy (Background Vocals), David Scott (Background Vocals), Lynn Fanelli (Background Vocals), David Morgan (Background Vocals), Joey Scarbury (Background Vocals), Chelsea Murphy (Background Vocals), Peter Klimes (Background Vocals), Dulcie William (Background Vocals)
Appears On
Sounds From Home (0000)
Delaney Bramlett
Performance #2:
Running Time 5:01
Performers Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Vocals), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Guitar), Delaney Bramlett (Guitar), Delaney Bramlett (Vocals), Stephen Stills (Guitar), Stephen Stills (Vocals), Leon Russell (Claude Bridges) (Piano), Bobby Whitlock (Organ), Carl Radle (Bass), Jim Gordon (Drums), Jim Price (Trumpet), Bobby Keys (Sax), Bonnie Bramlett (Vocals), Rita Coolidge (Vocals), Sonny Curtis (Vocals), Jerry Allison (Vocals), Delaney Bramlett (Produced By)
Commentsby Eric Clapton. Recorded at the Village Recorder, Los Angeles. From ERIC CLAPTON, released August 1970. Leon Russell appears courtesy of Shelter Records. Stephen Stills appears courtesy of Atlantic Records. (P) Polygram International Music B.V.
Appears On
Crossroads (1988)
Eric (Patrick) Clapton

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(C) Casserole/Cotillion/Unichappell Music/Delbon Publishing (BMI)

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