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The Penguin Discography: Never Even Thought

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Never Even Thought
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Murray Head

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Date Performance 1975-00-00
Running Time 5:05
Performers Murray Head (Vocals), Bob Weston (Acoustic Guitars), Alun Davies (Acoustic Guitars), Jim Cregan (Acoustic Guitars), Bruce Lynch (Bass Guitar), Gerry Conway (Drums), Brother James (Percussion), Chilli Charles (Percussion), Glen(n) LeFleur/Le Fleur (Percussion), Ann Odell (Piano), Ann Odell (Arp String Synthesizer), Ann Odell (Strings Arr.), Martin Levan (Mixed By), Robin Black (Mixed By)
Appears On
Say It Ain't So (0000)
Murray Head

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Never even thought it could happen to me
Maybe I've been blind, only others can see
I'm in love
What am I to do, can I let it show
Do I keep it to myself or should I let her know
I'm in love?
Do I nurse it in my heart, hold it back in my eyes
Hide it all inside or put on a disguise
I'm in love?

Have I gotta play games, even suffer the pain
Let the secret out, even suffer the doubt,
I'm in love?
I know it's all there, I really want to share
My life with someone else
Will she feel the same?

It isn't so easy when you've been broken before
But it isn't so hard when you're ready for more
Could you love me?
Give me a simple clue, anything will do
So long as I know what's in me is in you
Could you love me?
I've got so much of care to give away
There's only one thing I wanna hear you say
I love you

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Published by Keep On Trucking Ltd. (MCPS) From a musical - 'Atlantis'

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