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The Penguin Discography: Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat

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Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat
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Leon René, Otis René, Emerson Scott

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Date Performance 1975-00-00
Running Time 2:47
Performers Murray Head (Vocals), Murray Head (Acoustic Guitar), Bob Weston (Slide Guitar), Bob Weston (Backing Vocals), Mick(e)y Finn (Electric Guitar), Brian Brocklehurst (Acoustic Bass), Pete(r) Thompson (Drums), Tony Kaye (Piano), John Altman (Clarinet), Anthony Healey (Trombone), Noel Norris (Trumpet), Anthony Head (Backing Vocals), Pam Keevil (Backing Vocals), Martin Levan (Mixed By), Robin Black (Mixed By)
Appears On
Say It Ain't So (0000)
Murray Head

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Someone's rocking my dreamboat
Someone's invading my dreams
We were sailing along so peaceful and calm
Suddenly something went wrong

Someone's rocking my dreamboat
Disturbing a beautiful dream
It's a mystery to me, this mutiny at sea
Who can it be, who can it be?

A friendly breeze gave us a start
To a paradise of our own
All at once a storm blew us apart
And left me drifting alone

Someone's rocking my dreamboat
I'm a captain without any crew
But with love as my guide, I'll follow the tide
And I'll keep sailing till I find you

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