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The Penguin Discography: Boats Away

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Boats Away
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Murray Head

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Date Performance 1975-00-00
Running Time 4:20
Performers Murray Head (Vocals), Bob Weston (Acoustic Guitars), Alun Davies (Acoustic Guitars), Alun Davies (Backing Vocals), Jim Cregan (Acoustic Guitars), Bruce Lynch (Bass Guitar), Gerry Conway (Drums), Sue/Suzanne Lynch (Backing Vocals), Anthony Head (Backing Vocals), Pam Keevil (Backing Vocals), P.J. Crotty (Tin Whistle), The Tropic Isles (Steel Band), Martin Levan (Mixed By), Robin Black (Mixed By)
Appears On
Say It Ain't So (0000)
Murray Head

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Climb the rigging and haul the ropes
Hoist and unfurl the dusty sail
Winds are singing, we're bound for hope
It is impossible to fail
Flesh is willing and dreams will soar
When we sight the distant shore
Hold on fast to the skies
Smell the spray in your eyes
Know the albatross that cries is just a friend

Glide our weary pain-laden souls
Over hollowed heaving waves
Weigh our bodies down with salt
Every hallowed heathen sways
There is hope to guide us there
There is love to make us one
With our souls as the anchor
Light our path to the sun
Till our everlasting search is at an end

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Published by Keep On Trucking Ltd. (MCPS) From a musical - 'Atlantis'

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