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The Penguin Discography: Boy On The Bridge

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Boy On The Bridge
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Murray Head

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Date Performance 1975-00-00
Running Time 3:51
Performers Murray Head (Vocals), Bob Weston (Electric Guitars), Mick(e)y Finn (Rhythm Guitar), Nick(y) South (Bass Guitar), Simon Phil(l)ips (Drums), Charles/Chas (Jeremy) Jankel/Jankle (Wurlitzer), Ann Odell (Arp String Synthesizer), Martin Levan (Mixed By), Robin Black (Mixed By)
Appears On
Say It Ain't So (0000)
Murray Head

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There's a boy on the bridge
And he's looking ahead with confusion in his eyes
There's a man on the ridge
Who is laughing out loud, heavily in disguise
There's a girl on the lake
Reflecting her thoughts
Which she kisses away with sighs

What would you do in this boy's place
Move on or compromise?
Freedom of choice is a hell of a burden
Maybe living for kicks is wise
'Cause he wants to be free
But he's frightened to be alone

There's a town far below
That is calling him home
Where his friends got bored and laid
There's a hill up ahead
With a mountain behind
With a pub that is barren and frayed

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Published by Keep On Trucking Ltd. (MCPS) From a musical - 'Atlantis'

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