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The Penguin Discography: Sitting On The Outside

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Sitting On The Outside
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John Mayall

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Date Performance 1975-00-00
Running Time 6:01
Performers John Mayall (Vocals), John Mayall (Piano), John Mayall (12 String Guitar), John Mayall (Harmonica), John Mayall (Slide Guitar), Dee McKinnie (Vocals), Soko Richardson (Drums), Larry Taylor (Fretless Bass Guitar), Rick Vito (Lead Guitar), Jay Spell (Electric Piano), Jay Spell (Clavinet), Don (Sugarcane) Harris (Vocals), Don (Sugarcane) Harris (Violin), John Mayall (Produced By)
Appears On
Drivin' On: The ABC Years 1975-1982 (1998)
John Mayall
New Year, New Band, New Company (0000)
John Mayall
All Day Thumbsucker Revisited (1995)
Various Artists

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I'm sitting on the outside.
Hope you're satisfied.
Don't know what you're thinking -
Your tricky eyes are winking.
All of the trails that you put me through.
Times that I cried - I didn't know what to do!
Tried to ignore the lovers that you had
I tried to fool myself it wasn't all too bad.
Now I'm on the outside
Looking for the inside.
Looked to you for something
And now you give me nothing.

I been checking round -
So listen what I found!
Someone in my back door -
Can't take any more!
All of the places you said you would be
All of the stories you're telling to me
Got me believing excuses were true.
I find out you've got somebody new.
I'm sitting on the ourside
Looking at the inside,
Nothing I can say -
You got to go your way.
Take me a plane - Get back on my feet -
Make a new life - I want no repeat -
Cheating around - You drove me away -
It's over now - Got no more to say -
Cheating around - Always on the make -
Going away - It's more than I can take.

Sitting on the outside
Taking me a ride.
Sick of your deceiving,
You had me all believing.
All of your loving behind my back -
Running around to someone else's shack.
Now I discover things i didn't know -
You made me a fool and now I got to go.
It's time i got to moving
In a new direction -
Want to find the inside,
Come on in from outside.

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