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The Penguin Discography: Till I Felt Your Hands

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Till I Felt Your Hands
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Jason Sellers, Sharon Vaugh(a)n

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I hive perfected the art of illusion
Fooling everybody, including me
Iíve lived so long in this state of confusion
Looking in the mirror didnít know who Iíd see


I thought Iíd been to the top of the mountain
Of every emotional extreme
But I never felt nothing
No I never felt nothing
ĎTill I felt your hands on me

Your touch is so hot, I feel like Iím melting
Into a puddle baby at your feet
This love youíre laying on me is so overwhelming
Now every other womanís like a winter freeze

(Repeat Chorus)


This foolish heart it finally came to its senses
You opened up my eyes to what Iíd been missiní

(Repeat Chorus)

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Running Time 3:13
Performers Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Jason Sellers (Vocals), Jason Sellers (Background Vocals), Sonya Isaacs (Background Vocals)
Appears On
A Matter Of Time (1999)
Jason Sellers

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