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The Penguin Discography: A Matter Of Time

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A Matter Of Time
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Annie Leslie Roboff, Jason Sellers, Craig Michael Wiseman

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I like the way you sigh
I like the way you laugh
The way you whisper in my ear and pull me near
Well I sure like that
You've got a heart as pure as diamonds
With some wild child in your bones
The only thing I hate is to have to wait until you come along
All my buddies say you donít exist
That Iím a fool to even dream like this (but...)

Hold on darliní itís just a matter of time
Iím gonna find you girl
Hold on darling someday youíre gonna be mine
In a perfect world
Well if youíre like me sometimes love must seem
Near impossible to find
But hold on darliní itís just a matter of time

I donít know the where I donít know the when
But something in my soul is gonna know
When you walk in
Lately Iíve been praying plenty
Throwing pennies down a wishiní well
And listening to the clock tick tock hoping time will tell
All we need is just a twist of fate
Heaven has a place for those who wait

(Repeat Chorus)


Till we finally touch
Baby till then donít you dare give up

(Repeat Chorus)

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Running Time 4:19
Performers Jason Sellers (Vocals), Mary Ann Kennedy (Background Vocals), Jamie O'Neal (Background Vocals), Jason Sellers (Background Vocals)
Appears On
A Matter Of Time (1999)
Jason Sellers

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