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The Penguin Discography: Baby Please Don't Go

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Baby Please Don't Go
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Vince Gill

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Baby don't go baby please don't go
Don't you leave me here feelin' lonely
Don't you leave me here feelin' low
All I know is what I know
And I know I love you so
Baby don't go baby please don't go

I wasn't ready for love to hit me
Hit me right between the eyes
One by one I'm comin' undone
Can't you feel my temperature rise

Well I've got you where you want me
Right in the palm of your hand
I'm gonna make you feel like a woman
'Cause you make me feel like a man

(Repeat Chorus)

Lock your eyes right with me
Make time slow down to a crawl
Two hearts on fire with a wild desire
Climbin' these bedroom walls
My heartbeat's gettin' stronger
Baby won't you rock me slow
I can't take it any longer
You got me shakin' all the way to my toes

(Repeat Chorus)

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Running Time 3:34
Performers Vince Gill (Vocals), Vince Gill (Acoustic Guitar), Vince Gill (Gut String Guitar), Vince Gill (Electric Guitar), Vince Gill (Mandolin), Vince Gill (Banjo), Vince Gill (Background Vocals), Steve Marcantonio/Markantonio (Recorded By), Steve Marcantonio/Markantonio (Overdubs Recorded By), Tim Waters (Recording Assisted By), Tim Waters (Overdubs Recording Assisted By), Brent Mason (Acoustic Guitar), Brent Mason (Gut String Guitar), Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), Randy Scruggs (Acoustic Guitar), Randy Scruggs (Gut String Guitar), George Marinelli(, Jr.) (Electric Guitar), Willie Weeks (Bass), John (Eric) Hammond (Drums), Steve Nathan (Piano), Steve Nathan (Keyboards), Michael Omartian (Piano), Michael Omartian (Keyboards), Andrea Zonn (Fiddle), Andrea Zonn (Viola), Andrea Zonn (Background Vocals), Jim/James R. Horn (Horns), Barry Green (Horns), Michael/Mike Haynes (Horns), Mickey Raphael (Harmonica), Robert/Bob Bailey (Background Vocals), Vicki Hampton (Background Vocals), Kim Fleming (Background Vocals), The Katinas (Background Vocals), James Katina (Background Vocals), Jesse Katina (Background Vocals), John Katina (Background Vocals), Joe/Joseph Katina (Background Vocals), Sam Katina (Background Vocals), Jeff White (Background Vocals), Beth Nielsen Chapman (Background Vocals), Billy Thomas (Background Vocals), Thom(as)/Tom Flora (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Jenny Gill (Background Vocals), Leslie Winn Satcher (Background Vocals)
CommentsMixed at Ocean Way Nashville.
Appears On
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye (2000)
Vince Gill

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