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The Penguin Discography: Ride With Your Daddy Tonight

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Ride With Your Daddy Tonight
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Scotty Moore

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Date Performance 1969-10-00
Running Time 3:32
Performers Bob Brunning (Bass), Bob (Robert) Hall (Piano), Pete Banham (Drums), Colin Jordan (Guitar), Peter Green (Guitar), Peter Green (Vocals), Peter Green (Harmonica)
Appears On
Jumping At Shadows: The Blues Years (2002)
Fleetwood Mac
Rarities (0000)
Trackside Blues (0000)
Brunning Sunflower Blues Band

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i cried oh baby
i cried oh baby
come on and ride with your daddy make everything all right
i've been loving you woman for too long now
and now that i've got you got to keep you somehow
now i love you baby and you know i do
all i want baby is for you to be true

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