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The Penguin Discography: Who Says There Ain't No Santa

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Who Says There Ain't No Santa
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Larry Boone, Kix Brooks, Paul Nelson

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Got a wife and two kids, all gathered around
A twenty-pound turkey, snow on the ground
Who says there ainít no Santa Claus

Eric wants a glove, he tears into a box
His eyes are wide with wonder, I sit back and watch
Who says there ainít no Santa Claus

I havenít heard a single reindeer running on my roof
I just look into my childrenís eyes and there I see my proof
And could it be that jolly old man riding in his sleigh
Is really just the kid in us on every Christmas Day
Who says thereís no Santa Claus

Molly gets a doll, Mommaís camera clicks
Guess we all get the puppy, heís getting in his licks
Who says there ainít no Santa Claus

Iím trying to read a card in crooked red and blue
Only part that really matters is "Daddy, we love you"
Who says there ainít no Santa Claus

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey, Iíve heard there ainít no Santa Claus
But I know thereís got to be a Santa Claus

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Running Time 3:41
Performers Kix Brooks (Vocals), Ronnie Dunn (Vocals), B. James Low(e)ry (Acoustic Guitar), Steve Nathan (Keyboards), Steve Nathan (Piano), Steve Nathan (B-3 Organ), Kenny Greenberg (Electric Guitar), Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), Brent Rowan (Electric Guitar), Aubrey Haynie (Fiddle), Aubrey Haynie (Mandolin), Dan Dugmore (Steel Guitar), Paul Franklin (Steel Guitar), Michael Rhodes (Bass), Shannon Forrest (Drums), Eric Darken/Darkin (Percussion), Barry Green (Trombone), Michael/Mike Haynes (Trumpet), Steve Patrick (Trumpet), Jim/James R. Horn (Baritone Saxophone), Jim/James R. Horn (Flute), Sam(uel B.) Levine (Tenor Saxophone), Sam(uel B.) Levine (Flute), Den(n)is Solee/Soles (Tenor Saxophone), Den(n)is Solee/Soles (Flute), The Nashville String Machine (Orchestra), Deborah Allen (Background Vocals), Robert/Bob Bailey (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Lisa Cochran (Background Vocals), Bruce Channel (Background Vocals), John Wesley Ryles (Background Vocals), Harry Edward Stinson (Background Vocals)
Appears On
It Won't Be Christmas Without You (2002)
Brooks & Dunn

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