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The Penguin Discography: Pigs On The Wing

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Pigs On The Wing
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Roger Waters

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Running Time 3:25
Performers Roger Waters (Vocals), David/Dave Gilmour (Acoustic Guitar), Richard (Rick) Wright (Organ), Snowy (Terence) White (Lead Guitar), Andrew/Andy Jackson (Remixed By), Andrew/Andy Jackson (Mastered By)
Comments(Complete Version) by Pink Floyd (C) 1977 The Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd. under exclusive license to EMI Records Inc.
Appears On
Goldtop: Groups & Sessions 74-94 (0000)
Snowy (Terence) White

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Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.

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Pigs on the Wing 8 Track Version
Review written by CBW III, January 2nd, 2009

The song by Pink Floyd Pigs on the Wing has the most excellent guitar solo only available on the 8 Track Version. I remember when I was 20 this LP was relelased. I believe the U.K. import 8 Track was available here in the USA before the LP was released here. I never bought an 8 track tape always an LP. I didn't want to wait though and this was the only way to get the new tunes. I bought the UK 8 track and was blown away with the first song Pigs on the Wing. The guitar solo in the middle of the song was just killer. About a month later the LP was released here in the USA. I bought it and could not believe that the song on the LP was different. They put half the song at the beginning of side 1 and the end of it on side 2. The worst part was they cut out the guitar solo. I don't remember what ever happened to my 8 track as I no longer have it. I should though because I still own an 8 track recorder and all my tapes. Why Pink Floyd chose to only release this extended version on an 8 track still boggles my mind. If anyone knows the reasoning behind this please write and let us all know. I'd love to know the answer. By the way, the guitar solo was performed by Snowy White.

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