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The Penguin Discography: Beautiful

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Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey, Shaye Smith

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I love the way you stand in my way
You won't move 'til you get a kiss
And how you tell me that my name
Tastes so sweet on your lips
I love the way you hold me with your eyes
Hold me so tight that I can't move
It's like everything I've ever known is a lie
And you're the simple truth
Is it a dream or is it real
All I know is you make me feel so

Beautiful (Beautiful,Beautiful)
Beautiful (Beautiful,Beautiful)
Beautiful (Beautiful,Beautiful)
You make me feel so
Beautiful (Feel like I could fly)
Beautiful (Across the clear blue sky)
Beautiful (Baby I could cry)
You make me feel so

I love how soft you touch my skin
Like you're touching the wings of a butterfly
I wish we could just lock ourselves away in a room
Where there was no such thing as time
I've never let anyone get this close
I've always been afraid
But you break down every wall and yet I feel so safe
Every part of who I am
Is so in love 'cause what I have is

(Chorus 2x)

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Running Time 4:42
Performers Faith Hill (Vocals), Mike/Michael Landau (Electric Guitar), Dean Parks (Gut String), Jamie Muhoberac/Mahoberac (Keys), Paul Bushnell (Bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums), Jonathan Yudkin (Bazooki), Jonathan Yudkin (Mandolin), Vinnie Colaiuta (Additional Drum Programming), Byron Gallimore (Additional Acoustic), Byron Gallimore (Key Samples), Byron Gallimore (Sequencer Overlay), Lisa Cochran (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Lisa Gregg (Background Vocals), Byron Gallimore (Produced By), Faith Hill (Produced By), Julian King (Recorded By), Erik Lutkins (Additional Recording By), Erik Lutkins (Protools Edit By), Dann Thompson (Additional Recording Assisted By), Judy Kirschner (Additional Recording Assisted By), Matt (Toast) Young (Technical Assistant), Jason Sikora (Technical Assistant), Dennis Davis (Additional Recording By), Dennis Davis (Protools Edit By), Jason Gantt (Additional Recording By), Jason Gantt (Protools Edit By), Ricky Cobble (Additional Recording By), Ricky Cobble (Protools Edit By), Mick Guzauski (Mixed By), Tom Bender (Mixing Assisted By), Dennis Rivadeneira (Additional Mixing Assistance By), Bob Ludwig (Mastered By)
CommentsRecorded at Skywalker Sound (Nicasio, CA). Additional recording at Essential Sound and Emerald Entertainment (Nashville, TN). Mixed at Barking Doctor Recording (Mount Kisco, NY). Mastered at Gateway Mastering (Portland, ME).
Appears On
Cry (2002)
Faith Hill

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