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The Penguin Discography: When The Lights Go Down

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When The Lights Go Down
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Craig Michael Wiseman, Jeffrey Steele, Rivers Rutherford

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When the lights go down
He'll be fillin' a pan with a broom in his hand
In some dive across town
He'll be wipin' the bar, moppin' the floor
Countin' his tips, lockin' the doors
Wrestling the devil that tells him to pour another
When the lights go down.
She'll be callin' her friends from her Mercedes Benz
But it's too late now
They were there for the fame, the flash and the thrill
For the drop of the name, the parties, the pills
As another star falls from the Hollywood Hills without
a sound

When the lights go down and there's nothing left to be
When the lights go down and the truth is all you see
When you feel that hole inside your soul and wonder
what you're made of
Well we all find out
When the lights go down

When the lights go down,
At the end of the day when this game that I play
Has gone another round
As I lay there alone in this big empty bed
With nothing but thoughts of you in my head
I think of the things that I wish I had said
When you were still around

When the lights go down and there's nothing left to be
When the lights go down and the truth is all you see
And I wonder if all my life's about is the sum
Of all my fears and all my doubts
When all the lights go down


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Running Time 4:05
Performers Faith Hill (Vocals), Jerry M(a)cPherson (Guitar), Dan(n) Huff (Guitar), Matt Rollings (Piano), Tim Akers (Keyboards), Jimmie Lee Sloas (Bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums), Eric Darken/Darkin (Percussion), David Campbell (String Arranger), Suzy/Suzie Katayama (Strings Conductor), Suzy/Suzie Katayama (Orchestra Manager), Joel Derouin (Violin), Charlie Bisharat (Violin), Eve Butler (Violin), Darius Campo (Violin), Susan Chatman (Violin), Mario (Diaz) DeLeon/De Leon (Violin), Armen Garabedian (Violin), Sara Parkins (Violin), Bob Peterson (Violin), Michel(l)e Richards (Violin), Mark Robertson (Violin), John Wittenberg/Wittenburg (Violin), John Hayhurst (Viola), Denyse Buffum (Viola), Matt Funes (Viola), Karie/Katie Prescott (Viola), Larry Corbett (Cello), Steve Richards (Cello), Rudy/Rudi Stein (Cello), Miguel Martinez (Cello), Lisa Cochran (Background Vocals), Chris Rodriguez (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Dan(n) Huff (Produced By), Faith Hill (Produced By), Jeff Balding (Recorded By), Pat Woodward (Recording Assisted By), Matt Snedecor (Recording Assisted By), Jon Balding (Additional Recording Assistance By), Mark Hagen (Additional Recording By), Allen Ditto (Additional Recording By), Steve Churchyard (Strings Recorded By), Greg Burns (Strings Recording Assisted By), Dino Herrmann (Pro Tools Engineer), Tom Lord-Alge (Mixed By), Femio Hernandez (Mixing Assisted By), Bob Ludwig (Mastered By)
CommentsRecorded at Emerald Entertainment, The Sound Kitchen (Nashville, TN) and The Hit Factory (New York, NY). Strings recorded at Ocean Way Recording (Los Angeles, CA). Mixed at South Beach Studios (Miami Beach, FL). Mastered at Gateway Mastering (Portland, ME).
Appears On
Cry (2002)
Faith Hill

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