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The Penguin Discography: Cowboy Church

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Cowboy Church
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Luke Reed, Red (Russell) Steagall

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Lord, I am just a cowboy
And you know cowboy ways
You probably look at guys like me
The way I look at strays

You know the kind that wander off
Away from all the herd
Well I was truly lost myself
Until I found your word

My church is the great out of doors
My song is nature's sound
The sky is my cathedral
And my altar is the ground
You must be found of mavericks
Cause you made 'em wild and free
So I know you've got a place up there
For old cowboys like me

Don't think that I don't love you
Because I'm not herd bound
It's just that I'm uncomfortable
With other folks around

I know you're all around me
I see you every day
It's just that I don't go to church
Where other people pray


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Running Time 3:11
Performers Luke Reed (Vocals), Robby/Robbie Turner (Steel Guitar), Robby/Robbie Turner (Pedal Steel Guitar), Robby/Robbie Turner (Piano), Danny Parks (Acoustic Guitars), Danny Parks (Electric Guitars), Danny Parks (Gut String Guitars), Randy Hardison (Drums), Randy Hardison (Percussion), Kevin Grantt (Bass), Wanda Vick (Fiddle), Glen Duncan (Fiddle), Joey Miskulin (Accordion), Tommy Allsup (Gut String Guitar), Randy Hardison (Background Vocals), Bonnie Bramlett (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Ranger Doug (Douglas B. Green) (Background Vocals), Luke Reed (Background Vocals)
Appears On
Corridos: Story Songs Of The West (2000)
Luke Reed

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Golden Hook BMI/Texas Red Songs BMI

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